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SourceNamePrimary AuthorSubject AreaPublication DateOrganization
IRUG-2021Application of RELAP5-3D for Liquid Metal Reactor Safety.pdfGiannetti, FabioSafety and Security9/16/2021Sapienza Universita Di Roma
IRUG-2021Application of RELAP5-3D to High Energy Deposition Transients within TREAT.pdfBlakelyCode Development9/16/2021Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2021Application of Surrogate Models for Best Estimate Plus Uncertainty Analysis by RELAP5 Code.pdfKinoshita, IkuoEnter Choice #19/16/2021Institute of Nuclear Safety System, Inc.
IRUG-2021Development of Best Estimate Plus Uncertainty (BEPU) Application for RELAP5-3D.pdfChoi, Yong-JoonCode Development9/16/2021Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2021Human Reliability Analysis.pdfBoring, RonaldCode Development9/16/2021Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2021JAEA HTTR Secondary System Modeling.pdfAnderson, NolanModeling and Simulation9/16/2021Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2021Modern Error Scaling.pdfEpiney, AaronCode Development9/16/2021Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2021Plutonium Fuel Services Irradiation Experiment in the Advanced Test Reactor.pdfFishler, JoshuaCode Development9/16/2021Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2021Regression Testing for BR2 RELAP5 Models.pdfLin, Hsun-ChiaModeling and Simulation9/16/2021Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)
IRUG-2021RELAP5-3D Architectural Upgrades through Gnu Fortran Adaptation.pdfMesina, GeorgeCode Development9/16/2021Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2021Remote RELAP5-3D Information.pdfMesina, GeorgeCode Development9/16/2021Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2021Risk-Informed ATF Analysis for Generic PWR & BWR.pdfZhang, HongbinCode Development9/16/2021Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2021Thermal-Hydraulic Modeling of MARVEL Microreactor.pdfParisi, CarloModeling and Simulation9/16/2021Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2019Accident Tolerant Fuels - A PRA Comparison.pdfMandelli, DProbabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA)4/18/2019Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2019Analysis of Accident Tolerant Fuel Using RELAP5-3D.pdfParisi, C.Code Development4/18/2019Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2019Analysis of the Versatile Test Reactor Using RELAP5-3D.pdfParisi, C.Code Development4/18/2019Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2019Analysis Using RELAP5-3D as Compared with a Test Mockup.pdfScherrer, RobertCode Development4/18/2019General Dynamics
IRUG-2019Bison-TRACE Coupling.pdfGardner, RussellCode Development4/18/2019DOE-NE
IRUG-2019Development of Quantitative Verification Capabilities for use with RELAP5-3D and R5EXEC.pdfBuschman, F.Code Development4/18/2019Naval Nuclear Laboratory (NNL)
IRUG-2019Direct Sparse Matrix Linear Solver for the Nodal Kinetics in RELAP5-3D.pdfBarber, DougCode Development4/18/2019Information Systems Laboratories
IRUG-2019Dynamic PRA of a Multi-unit Plant.pdfMandelli, D.Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA)4/18/2019Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2019FPoliSolutions RISA Technology Status and Path Forward.pdfFrepoliCode Development4/18/2019FPoliSolutions
IRUG-2019Jacobian Consistency Tool for RELAP5-3D.pdfMesina, GeorgeCode Development4/18/2019Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2019RELAP5-3D Application to Risk-Informed Systems Analysis.pdfChoi, Yong-JoonCode Development4/18/2019Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2019RELAP5-3D the Path Forward.pdfWolf, JamesCode Development4/18/2019Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2019RELAP-7 Development Status.pdfMartineau, RichardCode Development4/18/2019Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2019Selected User Problems 2019.pdfAndersonCode Development4/18/2019Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2019Six-Field Model and RELAP5-3D.pdfRoth, GlennModeling and Simulation4/18/2019Information Systems Laboratories
IRUG-2019TWERL for TREAT Pre-Conceptual Design.pdfEpiney, AaronCode Development4/18/2019Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2019Upgrade to GFORTRAN and FORTRAN 2003.pdfMesina, GeorgeCode Development4/18/2019Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2019Validation of a Simple RELAP5-3D Point Kinetics Model of the Full-Slotted MARCH Core in TREAT.pdfDavis, CliffCode Development4/18/2019Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2019Validation of RELAP5-3D Using HE-FUS3 Data.pdfDavis, CliffCode Development4/18/2019Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2018System Modeling of the HTTR with RELAP5-3D.pdfHumrickhouse, PaulModeling and Simulation5/4/2018Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2018Acceleration of UQ and PRA with RAVEN Hybrid Modeling of a Blend of Surrogate and RELAP5-3D Models.pdfAlfonsi, A.Modeling and Simulation5/3/2018Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2018Advancements of PHISICS - RELAP5-3D Package for Time-Dependent Transient Calculations.pdfAlfonsi, A.Code Development5/3/2018Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2018Application of RELAP5-3D for the Risk Informed External Event Analysis.pdfParisi, C.Code Development5/3/2018Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2018Consistent Fluid Property Evaluation for RELAP5-3D.pdfMesina, GeorgeCode Development5/3/2018Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2018Development of New H2O95N Fluid Properties.pdfForsmann, HopeCode Development5/3/2018Idaho National Laboratory
IRUG-2018Integrating Classical PRA Models into RELAP5-3D.pdfMandelli, DiegoModeling and Simulation5/3/2018Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2018Kinetics Advances in RELAP5-3D.pdfBarber, DougCode Development5/3/2018Information Systems Laboratories
IRUG-2018Measuring Risk Importance in a Dynamic PRA Framework Using RAVEN - RELAP5.pdfMandelli, DiegoModeling and Simulation5/3/2018Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2018Multi-Physics Best Estimate Plus Uncertainty (MP-BEPU) Analysis Framework LOTUS and RELAP5-3D.pdfZhang, HongbinModeling and Simulation5/3/2018Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2018Ongoing RELAP5-3D Related Activities at SCK-CEN.pdfCastelliti, DiegoCode Development5/3/2018SCK CEN
IRUG-2018PbLi Equations of State.pdfHumrickhouse, PaulCode Development5/3/2018Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2018RELAP5-3D Backup Improvements.pdfAnderson, NolanCode Development5/3/2018Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2018RELAP5-3D Licensing Updates - 2018.pdfSmith, GaryCode Development5/3/2018Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2018RELAP5M3_3 - RELAP5-3D - CFD Calculation of Reactor Downcomer Velocity and Temperature Fields in PTS Analyses.pdfKral, PavelCode Development5/3/2018Skupina UJV
IRUG-2018RELAP7 Progress and Future.pdfMartineau, RichardModeling and Simulation5/3/2018Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2018Selected User Problems 2018.pdfAndersonCode Development5/3/2018Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2018Selected User Problems_Choi.pdfChoi, Yong-JoonCode Development5/3/2018Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2018Timing Study for RELAP5-3D Version 4 Series Code 2018.pdfMesina, GeorgeCode Development5/3/2018Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2018Validation of a Detailed RELAP5-3D Point Kinetics Model of TREAT.pdfDavis, CliffModeling and Simulation5/3/2018Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2019RELAP5-3D Software Licensing Updates - 2019.pdfBaker, ArthurCode Development4/19/2018Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2016Improvements to PHISICS-RELAP5-3D Capabilities for Simulating HTGRs.pdfBalestra, PModeling and Simulation10/7/2016Sapienza - Universita Di Roma
IRUG-2016RELAP5-3D Software Licensing Updates - 2016.pdfSmith, GaryCode Development10/7/2016Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2016A Statistical Method for Benchmarking Nuclear Reactor Plant Models.pdfMcCloskey, JohnModeling and Simulation10/6/2016Naval Nuclear Laboratory (NNL)
IRUG-2016Equations of State for PbLi.pdfHumrickhouse, PaulCode Development10/6/2016Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2016FLASHback - RELAP at Fifty - Paper.pdfMartin, RobertCode Development10/6/2016BWXT
IRUG-2016FLASHback - RELAP at Fifty Presentation.pdfMartin, RobertCode Development10/6/2016BWXT
IRUG-2016Jacobian Matrix Analysis Tool for RELAP5-3D.pdfMesina, GeorgeCode Development10/6/2016Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2016Modification to the Condensation Model in the Presence of Noncondensables.pdfINLCode Development10/6/2016Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2016RELAP5-3D Analyses for the US-DOE LWRS RISMC Program, Industry.pdfParisi, CarloCode Development10/6/2016Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2016RELAP5-3D Simulations of Hot Leg Break LOCA Scenarios.pdfVaghetto, RodolfoModeling and Simulation10/6/2016Texas A&M University
IRUG-2016RELAP5-3D Two-Phase Behavior and Predictions at Low Pressures.pdfCastelliti, DiegoCode Development10/6/2016SCK CEN
IRUG-2016RELAP-7 Current Status and Future Development.pdfMartineau, RichardModeling and Simulation10/6/2016Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2016Risk-Informed Safety Margin Characterization.pdfEpiney, AaronCode Development10/6/2016Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2016Thermal Hydraulic Analysis of a Gas-Cooled Test Reactor.pdfBayless, PaulCode Development10/6/2016Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2016Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis of a Versatile Coupled Test Reactor.pdfDavis, CliffThermal Hydraulics10/6/2016Idaho National Laboratory
IRUG-2016Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis of Seismically-Induced LOCA Involving Double-Ended Guillotine Breaks at IPT Inlet and Outlet.pdfRoth, GableCode Development10/6/2016Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2016Update on RELAP5-3D CHF Geometry Correction Factors.pdfChoi, Yong-JoonCode Development10/6/2016Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2016Use of Systems Analysis Codes in the Nuclear Industry.pdfSharpe, PhilCode Development10/6/2016Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2016User Problems 2016.pdfDavis, CliffCode Development10/6/2016Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2015Phisics-RELAP5-3D Coupled Suite for Industry Applications.pdfRabiti, CristianCode Development8/15/2015Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2015Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation of Coupling Approaches for Coupling RELAP5 and LabView.pdfPack, JoshuaCode Development8/15/2015University of Idaho
IRUG-2015RELAP5 Applications at GRNSPG-NINE - Thirty Years of Activities.pdfPetruzzi, ACode Development8/15/2015Universita Di Pisa
IRUG-2015RELAP5-3D Auxiliary Tools - 2015 Update.pdfForsmann, HopeCode Development8/15/2015Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2015RELAP5-3D Software Licensing Updates - 2015.pdfSmith, GaryCode Development8/14/2015Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2015RELAP-7 Code Development Status Update for 2015.pdfZhao, HaihuaCode Development8/14/2015Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2015SCREED - A Supporting Tool for V-V and Uncertainty Evaluations of Best Estimate System Codes for Licensing Applications.pdfPetruzzi, ACode Development8/14/2015Universita Di Pisa
IRUG-2015The BEPU Evaluation Model with RELAP5-3D for Licensing of Atucha II NPP.pdfPetruzzi, A.Code Development8/14/2015Universita Di Pisa
IRUG-2015User Problems and Version 4.3.3. Features - 2015 Update.pdfINLCode Development8/14/2015Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2015Demonstration of BEUP Analysis of LB-LOCA with RELAP5-3D for High Burnup Fuel.pdfZhao, HaihuaCode Development8/13/2015Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2015Development of a Quality Assured HTTF RELAP5-3D Input Model.pdfBayless, PaulModeling and Simulation8/13/2015Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2015Development of a RELAP5-3D Property Library for Use by Other Computer Codes.pdfDavis, CliffCode Development8/13/2015Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2015H2ON Property Table Errors UP-15020.pdfForsmann, HopeCode Development8/13/2015Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2015Impact of Pressure Relief Holes on Core Coolabilityfor a PWR During a Larege-Break LOCA With Core Blockage Using RELAP5-3D.pdfVaghetto, RodolfoCode Development8/13/2015Texas A&M University
IRUG-2015Improvements in Sequential Verification - 2015.pdfMesian, GeorgeCode Development8/13/2015Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2015Jacobian Evaluation Project.pdfMesina, GeoreCode Development8/13/2015Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2015Modeling Moving Systems With RELAP5-3D (Watch).pdfBuschman, FrankModeling and Simulation8/13/2015Bettis Laboratory
IRUG-2015Modeling the SCO2 Power Cycle of a Generic Dual Coolant Fusion Reactor With RELAP5-3D.pdfBatet, LluisModeling and Simulation8/13/2015BarcelonaTECH
IRUG-2015Moving-Motion Video-Buschman-Bettis.mp4Buschman, FrankModeling and Simulation8/13/2015Bettis Laboratory
IRUG-2015Six Field Governing Equations for RELAP5.pdfRoth, GlennCode Development8/13/2015University of Idaho
IRUG-2015Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis of an AHTL In-Pile Tube in the Southwest Loop of the ATR.pdfDavis, CliffThermal Hydraulics8/13/2015Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2015Validation of a RELAP5-3D Point Kinetics Model of TREAT.pdfDavis, CliffModeling and Simulation8/13/2015Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
IRUG-2015Dual Number Automatic Differentiation in RELAP5-3D.pdfHodson, JoshuaCode Development8/6/2015Utah State University

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