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Increasing the Number of Students Pursuing STEM Careers

K-12 Education Grants

Applications are closed and will open fall 2024

INL cultivates Idaho’s education landscape by leveraging partnerships and resources to grow science, technology, engineering and math opportunities for all. The program seeks to align future workforce needs with STEM education in Idaho.

Applicants must be able to provide proof of 501(c)(3) nonprofit status and a W-9 form. A review of grant impact will be required.

A panel of judges will evaluate each application independently to competitively award grants.

Funding for INL’s STEM grants is provided by Battelle Energy Alliance. Over the past decade, INL has awarded nearly $5 million in STEM grants to support STEM education in Idaho. Read more about winners of past INL grants.

Applications are accepted for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education grants to support K-12 STEM education in Idaho in the following categories:


One $15,000 STEM Impact Grant, named in recognition of the legacy of STEM education support in Idaho by the former governor and first lady, will be presented to a team of educators. Partnering with community, business or industry is encouraged.

The grant provides full or partial support for an innovative, collaborative and sustainable STEM project that integrates STEM concepts into a school and has a demonstrable impact on Idaho students.

This grant can be used to fund training, materials and supplies, educator stipends, or other resources related to completion of the project.

A recipient will be chosen on the basis of the overall impact of their proposed project and its alignment with grant requirements. View the INL STEM Impact Grant Scoring Rubric.


Maximum of $2,000 per award.

K-12 Classroom Grants are available for Idaho teachers and administrators to improve student understanding of and learning experiences in STEM. This grant seeks proposals that support innovative student-centered projects and experiential learning in the classroom. Grant requests vary, with a maximum award of $2,000. The funding should be used to cover project materials and equipment.


Maximum of $750 per award.

Family and Community Engagement Grants are designed to support publicly funded and nonprofit organizations. Up to $750 is available to selected applicants wishing to host a community event focused on raising awareness about STEM education and career options. The event could focus specifically on math or science, or it could celebrate STEM in general.

Eligibility includes publicly funded educational organizations such as schools, libraries, after-school educational programs or educational nonprofits/community centers.


Maximum of $1,000 per award.

STEM Equity Grants are designed to support programs that serve underrepresented populations of pre-K-12 students. Both formal and informal educators serving historically underrepresented students in STEM education and careers are eligible for this award. Grant requests vary, with a maximum award of $1,000. Targeted groups include girls, rural and remote students, racial ethnic minority students, and economically disadvantaged students in Idaho.


Maximum of $30,000 per award.

Innovation in STEM Requests for Proposals are designed to support STEM organizations, universities and other educational institutions. Up to $30,000 is available for projects that are aligned to INL’s mission, K-12 education program goals, and workforce development needs. INL values diversity, equity and inclusion, and special consideration is given to proposals addressing these values.

Each proposal or project should be submitted and will be considered separately, even if more than one proposal originates from the same organization.

Contact Information

Adrienne Petrovic

Idaho National Laboratory