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INL Postdoctoral Program

Gain hands-on R&D and lab experience before entering the workforce​

Required Qualifications 

  • Ph.D. requirements must be complete by commencement of appointment and within the previous three years.
  • Demonstrated oral and published written communication skills.
  • A developing publication record.

INL Distinguished Postdoctoral Associate Program

The INL Distinguished Postdoctoral Associate Program is designed to attract, recruit, develop and inspire early career researchers who have the potential to develop into INL’s future scientific and technical leaders. These appointments are highly competitive and are intended to recognize and provide Distinguished Postdoc Associates with a competitive award, research experience, mentorship, and training to develop their capabilities. The engagement of early career research talent is critical to the success of INL’s mission areas.

INL currently has three distinguished postdoctoral appointments: the Russell L. Heath Distinguished Postdoctoral Appointment, Deslonde de Boisblanc Distinguished Postdoctoral Appointment and Glenn T. Seaborg Distinguished Postdoc Research Associate. To learn more about the application process please click the links below.

Contact Information

JR Ratliff

Phone: (208) 526-7289

Contact Information

Lisa Scott

Phone: (208) 526-2834

Idaho National Laboratory