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The mission of INL’s K-12 Education Enrichment Programs is to inspire Idaho’s future STEM workforce; impact students, teachers and families by integrating best practices in STEM education; and empower employees to become STEM mentors to transform K-12 Education Enrichment into a driver for innovation.

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Need support for a STEM event? INL provides guidance, materials and STEM professionals.

Do you need help with your next STEM event? We provide guidance, materials, STEM professionals, judges and workshops!

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Nuclear Science and Engineering

INL is the leading laboratory in basic and applied nuclear and radiological science research and applications.

INL has nearly 70 years of experience in nuclear reactor plant design, operations and decommissioning, and nuclear materials processing. The lab’s expertise is routinely sought by national and international customers. These standout capabilities are key to supporting DOE’s Light Water Reactor Sustainability and Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear (GAIN) programs. All INL nuclear operations are based on a long tradition of safe and cost-effective operations.

National Security Research and Testing

INL’s applied engineering discipline help DOE, DHS and industry partners solve significant national security challenges in critical infrastructure protection and nuclear proliferation.

The laboratory’s signature capabilities, expertise and unique infrastructure assets support efforts to secure industrial control systems from cyber and physical threats, develop advanced nuclear facility safeguards, and design advanced wireless sensors and protocols. INL’s 890-square-mile infrastructure test range and co-located laboratories provide an ideal backdrop for conducting significant national security demonstrations and experiments.

Energy and Environmental Sustainability

An overarching thrust of INL research is energy security — the nation’s greatest challenge for the 21st century. Energy security includes resource security, economic stability and long-term environmental sustainability.

Scientists and engineers are exploring solutions to grand challenges in the areas of clean energy development, competing water resource management, and carbon life-cycle options in order to get the right type of energy to the right place at the right time. INL researchers are configuring and testing hybrid energy systems to increase the range of beneficial energy options, and to demonstrate that renewable, fossil and nuclear energy systems can be successfully and effectively integrated for greater efficiencies.

Outreach Activity Ideas

Do you need guidance and activity ideas for outreach events? INL’s resource library contains activities for all ages.

We have a library of helpful resources that can guide you to effective outreach and provide ideas for activities.

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