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Team INL is a volunteer program in which a small group of dedicated individuals provides help for a community service project. The idea behind the Team INL program is to match volunteers from INL with community agencies that need assistance finishing specific projects. INL employees have completed nearly 400 volunteer projects since 2005.

Mission: to provide volunteer in-kind services that will make a positive difference in our communities.

Team INL is a staff-driven, decentralized volunteer program. Project ideas are suggested by staff members and reviewed by the Team INL Advisory Committee. A staff member, known as the project director, coordinates each project. The project director serves as a liaison between INL volunteers and the agency.

Team INL projects are selected from areas representing our corporate citizenship priorities – with a focus on health and human services, disadvantaged youth, environment and sustainability, veterans, civic activities, culture, and the arts. The activities may be ongoing or short-term, one-time event projects. Each project may receive up to $500 annually.

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, the strategy to support the greatest needs of Idaho communities is being evaluated to ensure alignment with laboratory policies, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, state of Idaho, and public health guidance. Please note that as official guidance is updated, the criteria will be adjusted to meet the new standard(s).

Team INL projects will be evaluated employing the following criteria:

1. Evaluation of the critical needs met with the associated funding request

  • • Provides for basic needs in the community
  • • Supports rural or underserved communities in Idaho

2. Number of community members positively impacted

  • • Provides for underrepresented or vulnerable community members

3. Implementation of physical and/or social distancing

  • • Meets masking, attendee limitation, ventilation, and other accommodation requirements

The structure of the evaluation guidelines is to allow decision-makers to clearly define the targeted impacts and ensure alignment with governing policies to enable community health and safety.

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