Professional Researcher Collaborations

Joint Appointments

The Joint Appointment Program at Idaho National Laboratory is designed to enhance research collaborations between INL and university staff.

Joint appointees develop or conduct research and development at both INL and their host institutions. 

The Joint Appointment Program: 

Two Types of Joint Appointments

Current Partner Institutions

American UniversityTexas A&M UniversityVirginia Tech
Boise State UniversityUniversity at Buffalo
Idaho State UniversityUniversity of Florida
Indiana UniversityUniversity of Houston
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUniversity of Idaho
Mississippi State UniversityUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Montana State UniversityUniversity of Pittsburgh
North Carolina State UniversityUniversity of Texas at San Antonio
The Ohio State UniversityUniversity of Utah
Oregon State UniversityUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
Penn State UniversityUniversity of Wyoming
Purdue UniversityVirginia Commonwealth University

Current Joint Appointees

University of California BerkeleyHosemann, PeterNuclear Science & Technology
UniversityJoint AppointeeINL Sponsor
American UniversityBurley, DianaNational & Homeland Security
Boise State UniversityEstrada, DavidEnergy & Environment Science & Technology
Boise State UniversityJaques, BrianMaterials & Fuels Complex
Boise State UniversityLoo, Sin MingNational & Homeland Security
Idaho State UniversityLeibrock, LarryNational & Homeland Security
Idaho State UniversityLampe, BenNational & Homeland Security
Idaho State UniversityPope, ChadEnvironment Safety Health & Quality
Idaho State UniversityMashal, MustafaCenter for Advanced Energy Studies
Idaho State UniversityStailey, Shane*National & Homeland Security
Idaho State UniversityZarzana, Chris*National & Homeland Security
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyShort, MikeNuclear Science & Technology
Montana State UniversityIzurieta, Clemete (Clem)National & Homeland Security
Montana State UniversityMorrow, JayneNational & Homeland Security
North Carolina State UniversityBeeler, BenNuclear Science & Technology
North Carolina State UniversityJones, DanielaEnergy & Environment Science & Technology
North Carolina State UniversityOugouag, Abderaffi*Nuclear Science & Technology
North Carolina State UniversitySchunert, SebastianNuclear Science & Technology
The Ohio State UniversityShannon, GregOutgoing JA (N&HS)
Texas A&M UniversityHamilton, DrewNational & Homeland Security
University of California BerkeleyHosemann, PeterIncoming JA (MFC)
University at BuffaloWhittaker, AndrewNuclear Science & Technology
University of FloridaAitkaliyeva, AsselNuclear Science & Technology
University of FloridaTonks, MichaelNuclear Science & Technology
University of HoustonConklin, ArtNational & Homeland Security
University of IdahoHaney, MichaelNational & Homeland Security
University of IdahoJohnson, BrianNational & Homeland Security
University of IdahoRiddle, Cathy*Nuclear Science & Technology
University of IdahoRoberson, DakotaNational & Homeland Security
University of IdahoRussell, JohnCenter for Advanced Energy Studies
University of IdahoSmith, RobertEnergy & Environment Science & Technology
University of IdahoTudor, Zach*National & Homeland Security
University of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignNicol, DavidNational & Homeland Security
University of PittsburghChen, KevinNational & Homeland Security
University of Texas at San AntonioDietrich, GlennNational & Homeland Security
University of Texas at San AntonioBeebe, NicoleNational & Homeland Security
University of Wisconsin-MadisonZhang, YongfengNuclear Science & Technology
University of WyomingBorowczak, MikeNational & Homeland Security
Virginia Commonwealth UniversityCarasik, LaneIncoming JA (NS&T)
Virginia Commonwealth UniversityManic, MilosNational & Homeland Security

*Denotes outgoing Joint Appointment

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