Joint Appointments

The Joint Appointment Program at Idaho National Laboratory is designed to enhance research collaborations between INL and university staff.??

Joint appointees develop or conduct research and development at both INL and their host institutions. Joint appointment agreem?ents are negotiated between INL contracts and the partner university.?

The Joint Appointment Program:?

  • strengthens INL’s strategic objectives;
  • increases and diversifies opportunities for universities to collaborate in research and development; and
  • provides opportunities to participate in specific proposals that might be unattainable without a lab and university partnership.

Two Types of Joint Appointments

  • Incoming: A university employee is requested to work on-site at INL. Professors work with INL researchers on collaborative projects.
  • Outgoing: An INL employee is requested to work at a university. Laboratory employees conduct research or teach at partner universities.

Joint Appointment Fact Sheet

Current Partner Institutions

American University Texas A&M University
Boise State University University at Buffalo
Idaho State University University of Florida
Indiana University University of Houston
Massachusetts Institute of Technology University of Idaho
Mississippi State University University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Montana State University University of Texas at San Antonio
North Carolina State University University of Utah
The Ohio State University University of Wisconsin-Madison
Oregon State University University of Wyoming
Penn State University Virginia Commonwealth University
Purdue University Virginia Tech

Current Joint Appointees

University ?Joint Appointee ?INL Sponsor
??American University ?Burley, Diana ?National & Homeland Security
?Boise State University ?Estrada, David ?Energy & Environment Science & Technology
?Boise State University ?Jaques, Br?ian ?Materials & Fuels Complex
?Boise State University ?Loo, Sin Ming ?National & Homeland Security
?Idaho State University ?Leibrock, Larry ?National & Homeland Security
?Idaho State University ?McBride, Sean ?National & Homeland Security
?Idaho State University ?Pope, Chad ?Environment Safety Health & Quality
?Idaho State University ?Rodgers, Dave ?Center for Advanced Energy Studies
?Idaho State University ?Stailey, Shane* ?National & Homeland Security
?Idaho State University ?Zarzana, Chris* ?National & Homeland Security
?Massachusetts Institute of Technology ?Short, Mike ?Nuclear Science & Technology
?Montana State University Izurieta, Clemete (Clem) ?National & Homeland Security
?Montana State University? ?Morrow, Jayne ?National & Homeland Security
?North Carolina State University ?Azmy, Yousry ?Laboratory Director
?North Carolina State University ?Beeler, Ben ?Nuclear Science & Technology
?North Carolina State University ?Jones, Daniela ?Energy & Environment Science & Technology
?North Carolina State University ?Ougouag, Abderaffi* ?Nuclear Science & Technology
?North Carolina State University ?Schunert, Sebastian* ?Nuclear Science & Technology
?The Ohio State University ?Herderick, Ed ?Nuclear Science & Technology
??The Ohio State University ?Smidts, Carol ?Nuclear Science & Technology
?Oregon State University ?Marcum, Wade ?Energy & Environment Science & Technology
?Texas A&M University ?Hamilton, Drew ?National & Homeland Security
?University at Buffalo ?Whittaker, Andrew ?Nuclear Science & Technology
?University of Florida ?Aitkaliyeva, Assel ?Nuclear Science & Technology
?University of Florida ?Tonks, Michael ?Nuclear Science & Technology
?University of Houston ?Conklin, Art ?National & Homeland Security
?University of Idaho ?Haney, Michael ?National & Homeland Security
?University of Idaho ?Johnson, Brian ?National & Homeland Security
?University of Idaho ?Riddle, Cathy* Nuclear Science & Technology
?University of Idaho ?Roberson, Dakota ?National & Homeland Security
?University of Idaho ?Russell, John ?Center for Advanced Energy Studies
?University of Idaho ?Smith, Robert ?Energy & Environment Science & Technology
?University of Idaho ?Tudor, Zach* ?National & Homeland Security
?University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign ?Nicol, David ?National & Homeland Security
?University of Texas at San Antonio ?Beebe, Nicole ?National & Homeland Security
?University of Wisconsin-Madison ?Zhang, Yongfeng ?Nuclear Science & Technology
?University of Wyoming ?Banic, Amy ? Nuclear Science & Technology
?University of Wyoming ?Borowczak, Mike ?National & Homeland Security
?Virginia Commonwealth University ?Manic, Milos ?National & Homeland Security
?Virginia Tech ?Bai, Xianming (David) ?Nuclear Science & Technology

*Denotes outgoing Joint Appointment