Wireless Research

Consumers, commercial industry, first responders, and the government are adopting wireless services ranging from social networks to location-based services and high-speed data communications at an ever-increasing rate. This virtually invisible, critical network plays a vital role in commerce, public safety, and increasingly, national security.

Idaho National Laboratory enables the evolution and security of this complex system by mastering its interdependencies and mitigating the associated challenges.



INL’s vast wireless and cyber security capabilities and expertise enable industry, academia, government and public safety to conduct:

• Real-time spectrum and network research associated with spectrum use and allocation
• Encryption and authentication studies for secure communications adoption and deployment
• Wireless signal propagation modeling, testing and analysis
• Technology application studies and the development of appropriate concepts of operation

As an internationally recognized leader in control systems cyber security and grid resilience, INL is uniquely positioned to study, model and perform unbiased, industrial-scale research and demonstrations to illustrate the impacts of wireless degradation or failures involving industrial processes and critical infrastructure.


Wireless Test Bed

INL’s Wireless Test Bed provides industrial/commercial and academic users access to the full capacity of INL’s wireless resources. With suitable sponsorship, academic institutions interested in openly published work may perform research, experimentation and testing at minimal cost.

INL personnel are leading efforts in standards committees and special interest groups regarding wireless innovation; public safety and disaster recovery communications; spectrum sharing research databases and formats; and security vulnerabilities in commercial wireless systems.


Cellphone-Based Radiation Warning System

INL has developed an early warning system for the threat of radioactive contamination being intentionally dispersed by terrorists. CellRAD is a wireless, advanced nuclear radiation detection software that runs on a cellphone.