Nuclear Nonproliferation

Addressing Full Spectrum Threats

In a world of constantly evolving threats, maintaining a high level of preparedness is absolutely essential to both national and international security. INL’s nuclear nonproliferation mission helps enable the nation to prevent, counter, and respond to nuclear and radiological threats. INL has top nonproliferation experts with real-world experience and backgrounds in areas including nuclear facility inspection, modeling and simulation, material science, physics and engineering. These employees hold dozens of patents, have won numerous awards, and lead global nonproliferation programs. From developing new technologies for safeguarding nuclear material to refining analytical techniques designed to assess fallout composition in the aftermath of the use of a nuclear device, our staff members are at the forefront of the nation’s nonproliferation efforts. 

INL provides technical resources, special nuclear materials, and several dedicated outdoor training ranges with access to short-lived radioactive materials that support civilian and military programs. Many of these programs support the missions of the Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration, Department of Defense, and Department of Homeland Security.


Radiochemistry and Nuclear Measurements

Nonproliferation and security experts play an important role in developing technology, policy, and systems for safeguarding and securing nuclear materials and facilities. 

Securing Nuclear Material

Nuclear facilities have traditionally relied on after-the-fact security like armed security guards, weapons systems, monitoring devices, delay barriers, and denial systems. But increasingly, these add-on protective measures have become more costly to protect against modern threats.

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