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Center for Securing Digital Energy Transition

Cirrus is an assessment tool designed specifically for grid and utility professionals. Cirrus helps navigate the complexities of cloud integration, enhancing operational resilience and efficiency in the electric grid sector. The Cirrus framework is designed for teams considering either a transition to or a first application in the cloud. This framework offers strategic guidance on how to prepare for, or deploy, a cloud solution responsibly. 

Different electric grid systems have different data and communication service needs. Cirrus helps grid and utility professionals assess whether such systems benefit from a move to cloud-based services.

CIRRUS: A Cloud Assessment Tool

Cyber-Informed Engineering (CIE)

CIE is a cybersecurity method that builds tools for high-level implementation into the entire design of a system, from curriculum, through design standards and certification, to curriculum accreditation.

The Annotated Translated Disassembled Code (@DisCo) was created at INL from internal concepts for reverse engineering at scale. DOE-CESER funded the Firmware Indicator Translation (FIT) project, which led to @DisCo.This product is used to evaluate the design of firmware and software used in such clean-energy products as inverters, converters, and the distributed energy resource management system (DERMS). 

In alignment with  DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Wind Energy Technologies Office (WETO) cybersecurity roadmap, this project provides actionable and strategic decision support that prioritizes the needs—based upon real-world analysis and evaluation—and use of security-hardening technologies for wind energy systems.

Specific recommendations include secure reference architectures and technology suitability.

WETO cybersecurity roadmap

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