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Journal2022Jia-Hong Ke, Benjamin W. SpencerCluster dynamics modeling of Mn-Ni-Si precipitates coupled with radiation-induced segregation in low-Cu reactor pressure vessel steelsJournal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 569
Journal2022Vancho Kocevski, Michael W. D. Cooper, Antoine J.Claisse, David A.AnderssonDevelopment and application of a uranium mononitride (UN) potential: Thermomechanical properties and Xe diffusionJournal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 562
Journal2022Kai Duemmler, Yuxiao Lin, Michael Woods, Toni Karlsson, Ruchi Gakharb, Benjamin BeelerEvaluation of thermophysical properties of the LiCl-KCl system via ab initio and experimental methodsJournal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 559
Journal2022Vancho Kocevski, Daniel A.Rehn. Michael W.D.Cooper. David A. AnderssonFirst-principles investigation of uranium mononitride (UN): Effect of magnetic ordering, spin-orbit interactions and exchange correlation functionalJournal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 559
Conference2022 Roskoff, Nathan, Kucukboyaci, Vefa, Levinsky, Alex, Laboure, Vincent M, Harter, Jackson R, Zabriskie, Adam X, Madeleine Charlot, Lise CecileModeling and Analysis of a Micro-reactor using the DireWolf Code SuitePHYSOR 2022. Modeling and Analysis of a Micro-reactor using the DireWolf Code Suite. Pittsburgh, PA. American Nuclear Society.
Journal2022 Bradlee Rothwell, Matthew Sgambati, Garrick Evans, Brandon Biggs, Matthew AndersonQuantifying the Impact of Advanced Web Platforms on High Performance Computing UsagePractice and Experience in Advanced Research Computing. Quantifying the Impact of Advanced Web Platforms on High Performance Computing Usage. Boston, Massachusetts. Association for Computing Machinery.
Conference2022Wormald, J. L., Holmes, J. C. , Zerkle, M. L. Thermal Neutron Scattering Law Evaluations for Zirconium Carbide and Critical Mass CalculationsPHYSOR 2022. Thermal Neutron Scattering Law Evaluations for Zirconium Carbide and Critical Mass Calculations. Pittsburgh, PA. American Nuclear Society.
Conference2022 Roskoff, Nathan, Kucukboyaci, Vefa, Levinsky, Alex, Laboure, Vincent M, Harter, Jackson R, Zabriskie, Adam X, Madeleine Charlot, Lise CecileTransient Analysis of a Micro-reactor using the DireWolf Code SuitePHYSOR 2022. Transient Analysis of a Micro-reactor using the DireWolf Code Suite. Pittsburgh, PA. American Nuclear Society.
Journal2021Elia Merzari, Haomin Yuan, Misun Min, Dillon Shaver, Ronald Rahaman, Patrick Shriwise, Paul Romano, Alberto Talamo, Yu-Hsiang Lan, Derek Gaston, Richard Martineau, Paul Fischer, Yassin HassanCardinal: A Lower-Length-Scale Multiphysics Simulator for Pebble Bed ReactorsNuclear Technology, Volume 7
Journal2021Wei Xie, Y. Austin Chang, Dane MorganAb initio energetics for modeling phase stability of the Np-U system.Journal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 479
Journal2021Benjamin Beeler, David Andersson, Chao Jiang, Yongfeng ZhangAb initio molecular dynamics investigation of point defects in ³-UJournal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 545
Journal2021Austin Biaggne, Gregory Noble, Lan LiAdsorption and Surface Diffusion of Metals on a-Al2O3 for Advanced Manufacturing ApplicationsJOM, Volume 73
Conference2021Alicia Klinvex, Paul E. Burke, Kyle E. Remley, Neale Petrillo, David P. Griesheimer, Adam BirdAn Asynchronous GPU-Enabled Cross-Section Lookup Algorithm for Monte Carlo Transport Simulations2021 Topical Meeting of Mathematics and Computations (M&C 2021). An Asynchronous GPU-Enabled Cross-Section Lookup Algorithm for Monte Carlo Transport Simulations. Virtual. American Nuclear Society.
Journal2021Gyuchul Park, Benjamin Beeler, Maria A.OkuniewskiAn atomistic study of defect energetics and diffusion with respect to composition and temperature in gamma U and gamma U-Mo alloysJournal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 552
Journal2021Parikshit Bajpai, Max Poschmann, Markus H. A. Piro Derivations of Partial Molar Excess Gibbs Energy of Mixing Expressions for Common Thermodynamic ModelsJournal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion, Volume
Conference2021David P. Griesheimer, Gabriel KooremanEfficient Scoring Algorithm for Local Differential Operator Tallies in Large Models2021 Topical Meeting on Mathematics and Computations. Efficient Scoring Algorithm for Local Differential Operator Tallies in Large Models. Virtual. American Nuclear Society.
Journal2021Derek R. Gaston, Benoit Forget, Kord S. Smith, Logan H. Harbour, Gavin K. Ridley, Guillaume G. GiudicelliMethod of Characteristics for 3D, Full-Core Neutron Transport on Unstructured MeshNuclear Technology, Volume 207
Journal2021Zhen Li, Xun Zhan, Xian-Ming Bai, Shao-Chun Lee, Weicheng Zhong, Benjamin J.Suttone, Brent J. HeuserModified Microstructures in Proton Irradiated Dual Phase 308L Weldment Filler MaterialJournal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 548
Journal2021Benjamin Beeler, Michael W.D.Cooper, Zhi-Gang Mei, Daniel Schwen, Yongfeng ZhangRadiation driven diffusion in ³U-MoJournal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 543
Journal2021Austin Biaggne, William B. Knowlton, Bernard Yurke, Jeunghoon Lee, Lan LiSubstituent Effects on the Solubility and Electronic Properties of the Cyanine Dye Cy5: Density Functional and Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory CalculationsMolecules, Volume 26
Journal2021Richard C. Martineau The MOOSE Multiphysics Computational Framework for Nuclear Power Applications: A Special Issue of Nuclear TechnologyNuclear Technology, Volume 207
Journal2021Timothy M. Schriener, Mohamed S. El-GenkThermal Analysis of High-Power Advanced Thermoacoustic Radioisotope Power System for Future Space Exploration MissionsNuclear Engineering and Design, Volume 385
Conference2020Sam Yang, Bjorn Vaagensmith, Deepika Patra2020 Resilience Week (RWS)2020 Resilience Week (RWS)
Journal2020Miaomiao Jin, Penghui Cao, Michael P. ShortAchieving exceptional radiation tolerance with crystalline-amorphous nanocrystalline structuresActa Materialia, Volume 186
Journal2020James R. Groome, Landon Bayless-EdwardsRole for Countercharge in the Voltage Sensor Domain of Ion ChannelsFrontiers in Pharmacology, Volume 11
Journal2020Yuxuan Liu, Kyle Vaughn, Brendan Kochunas, Thomas Downar Validation of Pin-Resolved Reaction Rates, Kinetics Parameters, and Linear Source MOC in MPACTNuclear Science and Engineering, Volume
Journal2019Yuxuan Liu, Brendan Kochunas, William Martin, Thomas DownarDelayed fission energy effect on LWR normal operation and transientsAnnals of Nuclear Energy, Volume 128
Journal2019N. Shaber, R. Stephens, J. Ramirez, G. P. Potirniche, M. Taylor, I. Charit, H. PugesekFatigue and creep-fatigue crack growth in alloy 709 at elevated temperaturesMaterials at High Temperatures, Volume 36
Journal2019Ember L. Sikorski, Thiago H.da Silva, Larry K.Aagesen, Brian J.Jaques, Lan LiFirst-principles comparative study of UN and ZrJournal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 523
Journal2019Majdi I.Radaideh, Katarzyna Borowiec, Tomasz KozlowskiIntegrated framework for model assessment and advanced uncertainty quantification of nuclear computer codes under Bayesian statisticsReliability Engineering & System Safety, Volume 189
Journal2019Miaomiao Jin, Penghui Cao. Michael P. ShortMechanisms of grain boundary migration and growth in nanocrystalline metals under irradiationScripta Materialia, Volume 163
Conference2019B. HalleeNon-parametric Statistical Safety Analysis Tools to Support ATR Conversion to LEUReduced Enrichment for Research and Test Reactors. Non-parametric Statistical Safety Analysis Tools to Support ATR Conversion to LEU. Zagreb, Croatia. Argonne National Laboratory.
Journal2019M.H.A. Piro, M. Poschmann, P. BajpaiOn the interpretation of chemical potentials computed from equilibrium thermodynamic codes: Applications to molten saltsJournal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 526
Journal2019Miaomiao Jin, Penghui Cao. Michael P. ShortPredicting the onset of void swelling in irradiated metals with machine learningJournal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 523
Conference2019Yury A. Gryazin, Yun Teck Lee, Ronald L. GonzalesScalable high-resolution algorithms for landmine imaging problemSPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing 2019 Exhibition. Scalable high-resolution algorithms for landmine imaging problem. Baltimore. Proc. SPIE 11012.
Journal2019J. Ramirez, G.P. Potirniche, N. Shaber, M. Taylor, H. Pugesek, R. Stephens, I. CharitThe influence of plasticity-induced crack closure on creep-fatigue crack growth in two heat-resistance steelsInternational Journal of Fatigue, Volume 125
Journal2018D. Pizzocri, G. Pastore, T. Barani, A. Magni, L. Luzzi, P. Van Uffelen, S.A. Pitts, A. Alfonsi, J.D. HalesA model describing intra-granular fission gas behavior in oxide fuel for advanced engineering tools.Journal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 502
Journal2018Jackson R. Harter, Laura de Sousa Oliveira, Agnieszka Truszkowska, Todd S. Palmer, P. Alex Greaney Deterministic Phonon Transport Predictions of Thermal Conductivity in Uranium Dioxide With Xenon Impurities.Journal of Heat Transfer, Volume 140 Issue 5
Journal2018Jagdish Suresh Patel, F. Marty YtrebergFast Calculation of Protein-Protein Binding Free Energies Using Umbrella Sampling with a Coarse-Grained Model.Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, Volume 14 Issue 2
Journal2018Rabijit Dutta, Tao XingFive-equation and robust three-equation methods for solution verification of large eddy simulation.Journal of Hydrodynamics, Volume 30 Issue 1
Journal2018Mark D.DeHart, Zain Karriem, Michael A.Pope, Matthew P. JohnsonFuel element design and analysis for potential LEU conversion of the Advanced Test Reactor.Progress in Nuclear Energy, Volume 104
Conference2018Claude R. Joyner, Wesley Deason, Michael Eades, Timothy Kokan, Daniel J. Levack, Frederick Widman and Tyler JenningsNTP Design Sensitivities for Human Lunar and Mars Missions2018 Joint Propulsion Conference. NTP Design Sensitivities for Human Lunar and Mars Missions. Cincinnati Ohio. AIAA.
Journal2018Christopher A. Zarzana, Gary S. Groenewold, Michael T. Benson, James E. Delmore, Tetsuya Tsuda, Rika HagiwaraProduction of Gas-Phase Uranium Fluoroanions Via Solubilization of Uranium Oxides in the [1-Ethyl-3-Methylimidazolium]+[F(HF)2.3]− Ionic Liquid.Journal of The American Society for Mass Spectrometry, Volume
Journal2018Miaomiao Jin, Penghui Cao, Sidney Yip, Michael P. ShortRadiation damage reduction by grain-boundary biased defect migration in nanocrystalline CuActa Materialia, Volume 155
Journal2018Cole Blakely, Hongbin Zhang, Heng BanSensitivity analysis of VERA-CS and FRAPCON coupling in a multiphysics environment.Annals of Nuclear Energy, Volume 111
Conference2018Yile Hu, Hailong Chen, Benjamin W.Spencer, Erdogan MadenciaThermomechanical peridynamic analysis with irregular non-uniform domain discretization.Engineering Fracture Mechanics
Journal2018Yile Hu, Hailong Chen, Benjamin W. Spencer, Erdogan MadenciThermomechanical peridynamic analysis with irregular non-uniform domain discretization.Engineering Fracture Mechanics
Journal2017Benjamin Beeler, Michael Baskes, David Andersson, Michael W.D. Cooper, Yongfeng ZhangA modified Embedded-Atom Method interatomic potential for uranium-silicide.Journal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 495
Journal2017Marcin Bednarz, Bas C. Stunnenberg, Benno Kusters, Erik-Jan Kamsteeg, Christiaan G. Saris, James Groome, Vern Winston, Giovanni Meola, Karin Jurkat-Rott, Nicol C. VoermansA novel Ile1455Thr variant in the skeletal muscle sodium channel alpha-subunit in a patient with a severe adult-onset proximal myopathy with electrical myotonia and a patient with mild paramyotonia phenotype.Neuromuscular Disorders, Volume 27 Issue 2
Journal2017A.M. Jokisaari, P.W. Voorhees, J.E. Guyer, J. Warren, O.G. HeinonenBenchmark problems for numerical implementations of phase field models.Computational Materials Science, Volume 126
Journal2017L. He, X.M. Bai, J. Pakarinen, B.J. Jaques, J. Gan, A.T. Nelson, A. El-Azab, T.R. AllenBubble evolution in Kr-irradiated UO2 during annealing.Journal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 496
Journal2017Dennis D. Keiser, Walter Williams, Adam Robinson, Dan Wachs, Glenn Moore, Doug CrawfordDetailed measurements of local thickness changes for U-7Mo dispersion fuel plates with Al-3.5Si matrix after irradiation at different powers in the RERTR-9B experiment.Journal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 494
Journal2017 Mark D. DeHart, Zain Karriem, Michael A. PopeEvaluation of the Enhanced LEU Fuel (ELF) Design for Conversion of the Advanced Test Reactor to a Low-Enrichment Fuel Cycle.Nuclear Technology, Volume 201 Issue 3
Journal2017Yinbin Miao, Kyle A. Gamble, David Andersson, Bei Ye, Zhi-Gang Mei, Gerard Hofman, Abdellatif M. YacoutGaseous swelling of U3Si2 during steady-state LWR operation: A rate theory investigation.Nuclear Engineering and Design, Volume 322
Journal2017Mark D. DeHart, Benjamin A. Baker, Javier OrtensiInterpretation of energy deposition data from historical operation of the transient test facility (TREAT).Nuclear Engineering and Design, Volume 322
Journal2017Yidong Xia, Jan Goral, Hai Huang, Ilija Miskovic, Paul Meakin, Milind DeoMany-body dissipative particle dynamics modeling of fluid flow in fine-grained nanoporous shales.Physics of Fluids, Volume 29 Issue 5
Journal2017Xian-Ming Bai, Huibin Ke, Yongfeng Zhang, Benjamin W. SpencerModeling copper precipitation hardening and embrittlement in a dilute Fe-0.3at.%Cu alloy under neutron irradiation.Journal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 495
Journal2017Yaxuan Zhang, Daniel Schwen, Xian-Ming BaiMolecular dynamics simulations of concentration- dependent defect production in Fe-Cr and Fe-Cu alloys.Journal of Applied Physics, Volume 122 Issue 22
Journal2017Friederike Bostelmann, Gerhard StrydombNuclear data uncertainty and sensitivity analysis of the VHTRC benchmark using SCALE.Annals of Nuclear Energy, Volume 110
Journal2017Brendan Kochunas, Benjamin Collins, Shane Stimpson, Robert Salko, Daniel Jabaay, Aaron Graham, Yuxuan Liu, Kang Seog Kim, William Wieselquist, Andrew Godfrey, Kevin Clarno, Scott Palmtag, Thomas Downar, Jess GehinVERA Core Simulator Methodology for Pressurized Water Reactor Cycle Depletion.Nuclear Science and Engineering, Volume 185 Issue 1
Journal2016C.S. Brown, H. Zhang, V. Kucukboyaci, Y. SungBest estimate plus uncertainty analysis of departure from nucleate boiling limiting case with CASL core simulator VERA-CS in response to PWR main steam line break event.Nuclear Engineering and Design, Volume 309
Journal2016Raghani Pushpa, Pankaj Kumar, Balaji Ramanujam, Alex PunnooseDefect driven magnetism in doped SnO2 nanoparticles: Surface effects.Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Volume 407
Journal2016R.A. BorrelliFunctional components for a design strategy: Hot cell shielding in the high reliability safeguards methodology.Nuclear Engineering and Design, Volume 305
Journal2016R. L. Williamson, N. A. Capps, W. Liu, Y. R. Rashid, B. D. Wirth Multi-Dimensional Simulation of LWR Fuel Behavior in the BISON Fuel Performance Code.JOM, Volume 68 Issue 11
Journal2016Miaomiao Jin, Michael ShortMultiphysics modeling of two-phase film boiling within porous corrosion deposits.Journal of Computational Physics, Volume 316
Journal2016Valmor F. de Almeida, Hongjun Liu, Kenneth W. Herwig, Michelle K. KidderNeutron Scattering of Residual Hydrogen in 1,4-Dioxane-d(8) Liquid: Understanding Measurements with Molecular Dynamics Simulations.Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Volume 120 Issue 24
Journal2016S.C. Middleburgh, R.W. Grimes, E.J. Lahoda, C.R. Stanek, D.A. AnderssonNon-stoichiometry in U3Si2.Journal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 482
Journal2016Mark J. Noordhoek, Theodore M. Besmann, David Andersson, Simon C. Middleburgh, Aleksandr ChernatynskiyPhase equilibria in the U-Si system from first-principles calculations.Journal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 479
Journal2016Nardin LG, Miller CR, Ridenhour BJ, Krone SM, Joyce P, Baumgaertner, BO.Planning horizon affects prophylactic decision-making and epidemic dynamics.PeerJ, Volume 4
Journal2016Mark J. Noordhoek, David Andersson, Theodore M. BesmannStructure determination and stability for Pa-Si, Np-Si and U-X-Si ( X = Mo, Th, Np) phases from first-principles.Journal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 479
Journal2016Friederike Bostelmann, Gerhard Strydom, Frederik Reitsma, Kostadin IvanovThe IAEA coordinated research programme on HTGR uncertainty analysis: Phase I status and Ex. I-1 prismatic reference results.Nuclear Engineering and Design, Volume 306
Journal2016Pankaj Kumar, Vinit Sharma, Fernando A. Reboredo, Li-Ming Yang, Raghani Pushpa Tunable magnetism in metal adsorbed fluorinated nanoporous graphene.Scientific Reports, Volume 6
Conference2015Yang Lu, Stephen Thoma, Edward J. Garboczi A Real Microstructural Model for Cement Concrete Modeling,Nanotechnology in Construction. Nanotechnology in Construction. Springer, Cham.
Journal2015Mohamed Ouisloumen, Abderrafi M. Ougouag, Shadi Z. GhrayebAnisotropic Elastic Resonance Scattering Model for the Neutron Transport Equation.Nuclear Science and Engineering, Volume 179 Issue 1
Journal2015Izaak Williamson, Eric B Nelson, Lan LiCarbon dioxide sorption in a nanoporous octahedral molecular sieve.Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics, Volume 48 Issue 33
Journal2015Eric Cockayne, Eric B. NelsonDensity Functional Theory Meta-GGA Study of Water Incorporation in the Metal Organic Framework Material Cu-BTC.Journal of Chemical Physics, Volume 143 Issue 2
Journal2015Rajiv K. Chouhana, Pushpa RaghaniEnhanced Li capacity in functionalized graphene: A first principle study with van der Waals correction.Journal of Applied Physics, Volume 118 Issue 12
Journal2015Xu Wu, Tomasz Kozlowski, Jason D. HalesNeutronics and fuel performance evaluation of accident tolerant FeCrAl cladding under normal operation conditions.Annals of Nuclear Energy, Volume 85
Journal2015Derek R. Gaston, Cody J. Permann, John W. Peterson, Andrew E. Slaughter, David Andrš, Yaqi Wang, Michael P. Short, Danielle M. Perez, Michael R. Tonks, Javier Ortensi, Ling Zou, Richard C. MartineauPhysics-based multiscale coupling for full core nuclear reactor simulation.Annals of Nuclear Energy, Volume 84
Journal2015Giovanni Pastore, L.P. Swiler, J.D. Hales, S.R. Novascone, D.M. Perez, B.W. Spencer, L. Luzzi, P. Van Uffelen, R.L. WilliamsonUncertainty and sensitivity analysis of fission gas behavior in engineering-scale fuel modeling.Journal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 456
Journal2013Wei Xiong, Wei Xie, Chao Shen, Dane MorganCorrelation and relativistic effects in U metal and U-Zr alloy: Validation of ab initio approaches.Physical Review B, Volume 88 Issue 23
Journal2013M.P. Short, D. Hussey, B.K. Kendrick, T.M. Besmann, C.R. Stanek, S. YipMultiphysics modeling of porous CRUD deposits in nuclear reactors.Journal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 443 Issue 01-03-2022
Journal2013Wei Xiong, Wei Xie, Chao Shen, Dane MorganThermodynamic modeling of the U–Zr system – A revisitJournal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 443 Issue 01-03-2022

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