The Supply Chain Program is integral to INL’s entire business ecosystem and connects to planning, procurement, human resources and outreach. Supply Chain develops and implements a lab-wide strategy that is key for projecting future needs and implementing effective solutions, and evaluates not only supplier needs but also future workforce needs to achieve mission success. INL cannot do this without partnerships in education, customers, colleagues and suppliers.

With energy demand rising and the desire to reduce carbon emissions becoming more prominent, government and industry are increasingly interested in developing an emissions-free, power generation source that is safe, resilient and dependable. The world is looking to expand clean energy capabilities and develop the next generation of nuclear reactors. Not only is building next-generation energy systems Idaho National Laboratory’s opportunity, it is also Idaho’s opportunity.

With this in mind, INL launched Supply Chain Initiative to leverage INL’s energy projects to build an energy talent pipeline and develop a robust business ecosystem to support current and future projects.


Future Workforce

A qualified workforce is the biggest barrier to expanding existing industries and attracting new ones. INL is a leader in security and energy and anticipates significant growth in these areas.

It is critical to understand the future workforce needs so collaborators and partners can assist in building the talent needed to accomplish mission success.

Business and Siting Needs

A supply chain, as defined by the American Production and Inventory Control Society, is a system of organizations, people, technologies, activities, information and resources involved in moving materials, products and services all the way through the manufacturing process, from the original materials supplier to the end customer. As INL is in the business of research and innovation, we often create and develop new products and systems that require new supply chains. INL and Idaho see this as an opportunity to lead in next generation products and services. The information below is available to guide businesses in their siting decisions and knowing more about the surrounding ecosystem.

Strategic Vision

INL’s Supply Chain Program will be efficient, cost-effective, and innovative, and will produce the highest quality products, and influence availability of talent. When measured, the program will have notable positive influence and impact.

Questions? Contact Jane Strong, Project Coordinator, Energy Supply Chain

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