Advanced Nuclear Reactor Siting

A guide to siting your reactor at Idaho National Laboratory

Welcome to INL Siting – we’re glad you visited! Idaho National Laboratory (INL) is our home, and we think it would make a great home for your advanced nuclear energy system. As the United States’ lead center for nuclear reactor research and development, INL is at the epicenter of development for advanced nuclear reactor systems. Advanced fission systems promise safe, economically competitive, proliferation-resistant nuclear power without the danger of increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

World-class research requires world-class facilities. The full complement of capabilities enables INL to respond to today’s nuclear energy challenges, serve as a multiprogram lab with broad competencies in the energy and security sectors, and address the challenges ahead. These capabilities enable INL to respond to today’s nuclear energy challenges, serve as a multiprogram laboratory with competencies in energy and national security, and address future challenges.

Here you will find information on INL technical support resources for advanced reactor demonstration. We’d love to talk with you about how we can assist in bringing your vision to market.

INL advanced nuclear reactor siting

About INL

INL is the nation’s lead laboratory for nuclear energy research, development, demonstration and deployment and we are engaged in the mission of ensuring the nation’s energy security with safe, competitive and sustainable energy systems.

Just as important as our heritage, the lab’s scientists, engineers and technicians are moving us on to greater accomplishments in nuclear-enabled energy security. We’ve developed the road maps guiding the next generation of nuclear power systems.

We’re leading initiatives to develop next-generation reactor technologies, advanced fuel cycles and space nuclear power systems. And significantly, we’re home to the world’s premier materials test reactor – the Advanced Test Reactor – and its national scientific user facility.

INL’s science-based approach to nuclear energy research yields technically achievable, economically competitive and environmentally sustainable options for the entire nuclear energy enterprise.

The lab’s experts are developing, testing and demonstrating new fuels and materials, reactor systems, plant monitoring and safety systems, and waste management options.

INL Siting Resources

INL’s mission is to discover, demonstrate and secure innovative nuclear energy solutions, other clean energy options and critical infrastructure. Join us and get a head start on siting your advanced fission reactor at INL with these technical resources.

Evaluation of Sites for Advanced Reactor Demonstrations at Idaho National Laboratory

This evaluation of reactor demonstration sites identifies a list of candidate site locations or areas within INL boundaries for onsite demonstration of advanced reactors. A comparison of suitable advanced reactor sites is provided and includes evaluation of existing buildings, previously disturbed, and undisturbed locations across the INL Site.

INL Site Conditions and Properties

This report provides a high-level review of potential technical commercial, and natural components likely to influence the planning, preparing, and positioning for the future by investing in the build-out of energy systems at Idaho National Laboratory.

INL's Nuclear Capabilities

Much of INL’s integrated nuclear energy research and development capability was established through decades of investment in the National Reactor Testing Station on the Idaho site.

INL offers best-in-class capabilities, expertise and facilities for all of your reactor demonstration needs.

INL Capabilities 

This presentation provides a comprehensive overview of INL siting and nuclear energy research and development capabilities, facilities and expertise. Prepared for the workshop on the Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program’s Funding Opportunity Announcement (June 2020).

Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) 

The Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) is the world’s premier nuclear test reactor, and it provides unmatched, national priority nuclear fuel and materials testing capabilities for military, federal, university, and industry partners and customers.

Materials & Fuels Complex (MFC)

MFC is a prime testing center for advanced technologies associated with nuclear energy power systems. This complex is the nexus of research on new reactor fuels and related materials. MFC contributes significantly to the development of increasingly efficient reactor fuels and the important work of nonproliferation.

Transient Testing Program 

The Transient Reactor Test Facility was built to conduct transient reactor tests where the test material is subjected to neutron pulses that can simulate conditions ranging from mild upsets to severe reactor accidents.

Microscopy and Characterization Suite (MaCS) 

MaCS is a state-of-the-art materials characterization laboratory that provides cross-cutting capabilities that support the Center for Advanced Energy Studies’ mission in multiple initiative areas.

MOOSE Simulation Environment

INL’s Multi-physics Object Oriented Simulation Environment (MOOSE) has gained broad recognition and a large user base, revolutionizing predictive modeling work in an array of scientific fields. Its simulations can help inform real-world experiments, and researchers no longer have to be computer science experts to tackle state-of-the-art simulation.

High Temperature Test Laboratory

The High Temperature Test Laboratory creates specialized sensors that can fit inside a test reactor and monitor various properties within the core during irradiation experiments.

Human System Simulation Laboratory

The Human System Simulation Laboratory is a complete virtual nuclear control room created to safely test new technologies before they are implemented in real commercial reactor control rooms.

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