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University Recruiting

Idaho National Laboratory is looking for you! Our team is participating in career fairs and conferences from universities around the country to recruit for INL internships and careers. Come find us at the events listed below and learn more about the variety of internship and career opportunities INL has to offer.


Additional events may be added.
University (Event) Event Date
Texas A&M University (Engineering Career Fair ) 9/6/2023
The University of Texas – Austin (Fall Engineering Expo) 9/7/2023
Georgia Tech (Fall 2023 All-Majors Career Fair) 9/11/2023
University of Michigan (Fall Engineering Career Fair) 9/12/2023
Carnegie Mellon University (STEM Career Fair Fall In-Person 2023) 9/13/2023
University of Texas, San Antonio (STEM Career Expo) 9/13/2023
North Carolina A&T State University (Fall Career Fair: S.T.E.M. & Business 2023) 9/13/2023
The University of New Mexico (Engineering & Science Job & Internship Fair) 9/13/2023
University of Cincinnati (Professional and Technical Career Fair) 9/13/2023
Purdue (2023 Industrial Roundtable) 9/13/2023
The Ohio State University (Career and Internship Fair) 9/13/2023
Colorado School of Mines (Fall 2023 Career Days – High Tech, Aerospace and Futures) 9/13/2023
The Ohio State University (Engineering Graduate Student & Postdoc Industry Recruitment Event) 9/18/2023
The University of Tennessee – Knoxville (Engineering & STEM Job and Internship Fair) 9/18/2023
Florida International University (Technical Majors Career Fair) 9/20/2023
Florida A&M University (Career & Internship Expo) 9/20/2023
University of Wyoming (STEM Job Fair ) 9/20/2023
University of Wisconsin – Madison (All-Campus Career & Internship Fair) 9/20/2023
North Carolina State University (Fall 2023 Engineering Career Fair) 9/20/2023
NC Central University (Fall 2023 Career and Internship Fair) 9/21/2023
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Fall Career Fair ) 9/22/2023
Howard University (College of Engineering & Architecture Fall 2023 In-Person Career Fair) 9/26/2023
University of Utah (STEM Internship & Career Fair) 9/26/2023
Missouri University of Science & Technology (Fall 2023 Career Fair) 9/26/2023
Syracuse University (Fall 2023 Career & Internship Fair) 9/26/2023
Texas A&M University (National Laboratory Days) 9/26/2023
Rochester Institute of Technology (University-Wide Career Fair) 9/27/2023
Southeastern Louisiana University (Career Fair ) 9/28/2023
Allegheny College (Erie, PA)(Information Session) 10/2/2023
Washington State University, Pullman (Career Expo and Technical Fair) 10/3/2023
University of Idaho (Fall Career Fair ) 10/4/2023
Montana State University (Fall Career Fair ) 10/4/2023
Texas Southern University (Fall Career Fair) 10/4/2023
University of California – Berkeley (Master’s & PhD Career Fair) 10/4/2023
Alabama A&M University (Fall Career & Internship Fair) 10/5/2023
Howard University (All Majors Job & Internship Career Fair) 10/5/2023
University of Texas Rio Grand Valley – Brownsville Campus (Career and Internship Expo) 10/5/2023
University of Texas Rio Grand Valley – Edinburg Campus (Career and Internship Expo) 10/6/2023
University of the Incarnate Word (Hispanic-Serving Institutions Virtual Career Expo) 10/12/2023
University of Alaska – Fairbanks (UAF Fall Career Fair) 10/12/2023
Central State University (OH)(Fall 2023 Career Expo Week – College of Engineering, Science, Technology, and Agriculture) 10/17/2023
Central State University (OH)(Fall 2023 Career Expo Week – College of Business) 10/18/2023
Oregon State University (2023 Fall STEM Industries Career ∧ Internship Fair) 10/18/2023
Boise State University (Fall Career and Graduate School Fair) 10/18/2023
Idaho State University (STEM Fair) 10/18/2023
University of Washington (Engineering Hiring Expo) 10/25/2023
Harvard, Tufts, MIT, Boston University, Olin College, and Yale University (Engineering Career Fair Collaborative) 11/3/2023
Penn State (2024 Nuclear Engineering Career Fair) 1/29/2024
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