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Strategic Understanding for Premier Education and Research

The Strategic Understanding for Premier Education and Research, or SUPER agreement, allows the lab and universities to explore deeper research collaborations and expand opportunities for students, faculty members and researchers. 

Idaho National Laboratory has memorandums of understanding with several prestigious universities to expand joint efforts in clean energy research. These documents establish a framework for INL and the respective institutions to formalize the parties’ interest in developing and improving applied and advanced energy technologies and infrastructure. 

These memorandums are a written agreement between two parties that express their aligned will and outline a common line of action. In the world of agreements, it is less formal than a contract but more binding than a handshake. 

The six SUPER universities are: Arizona State University, Colorado School of Mines, Texas A&M, University of Texas San Antonio, University of Michigan and University of Utah.

“As a national laboratory supporting national priorities, we see significant value in regional partnerships to advance innovative science and technology,” INL Director John Wagner said.

Idaho National Laboratory