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A powerful economic engine

As the employer of more than 6,000 people — including highly specialized scientists, engineers and technicians — INL’s economic impact is far-reaching and widely felt. INL is committed to small business growth and economic development not only in southeastern Idaho’s 13 counties but across the state. For every 100 INL jobs, another 188 jobs are created in other industries, and nearly 11,100 other Idaho jobs depend on its operations.

Accomplishments and data are from fiscal year 2023.

Total economic impact
$ 0 B
Spent with small businesses
$ 0 M
Spent with Idaho businesses
$ 0 M

Reaching small business goals

INL reported another successful year partnering with small businesses to acquire goods and services needed to achieve its missions. In fiscal year 2023, INL spent over $448 million with small businesses, with $251 million going to small businesses in Idaho. This money makes up over 73% of the laboratory’s spending on goods and services. The lab also exceeded all four socioeconomic spending goal areas: small disadvantaged, Historically Underutilized Business Zone, women-owned and service-disabled. While the lab purchases materials all over the nation, there is a particular focus on supporting Idaho’s economy. This year, INL spent over $290 million with businesses within the state. Local businesses are a large part of accomplishing work daily, and the lab counts on small businesses for items from office supplies to highly technical reviews and analyses to our missions.

INL economic impact infographic

While INL’s primary mission is to help the nation solve energy and security challenges, we’re equally committed to thriving local communities and successful educational initiatives. Our growth as a laboratory strengthens both our local community and those throughout Idaho. We are committed to making Idaho stronger because Idahoans make us stronger. This infographic provides a snapshot into the lab’s impact on the local, regional and state economies.

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