High Performance Computing

Password Policy

INL HPC passwords need to conform to a minimum set of password requirements, including complexity and length. Never share passwords with another person. The HPC team will never ask for an HPC password.

Basic password requirements are:

Requirement Description
8 character minimum A longer password is recommended!
1 or more lower-case letter a-z, must contain a letter in the first and last position
1 or more upper-case letter A-Z, must contain a letter in the first and last position
1 or more number 0-9
1 or more special character ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) [ ] { } < > \ / _ | + – = ` ‘ ” ; : . , ?
Similarity There are system-level password checks to determine if your new password is too similar to a previous one.

 Some prohibited password options:

  • Must not contain the user ID.
  • Must not contain common English dictionary words, spelled forward or backwards (except words of three or fewer characters).
  • Must not employ common names.
  • Must not contain a commonly used number associated with the user (e.g., SSN or license number).
  • Must not contain simple patterns of letters or numbers.

Note: The HPC password is different than the passcode for two-factor authentication. When interacting with the RSA SecurID token server (https://cybele.inl.gov:7004/console-selfservice), HPC OnDemand (https://hpcondemand.inl.gov), or SSH to hpclogin.inl.gov, the user is prompted for a passcode, which is the HPC RSA SecurID PIN + token code. Your HPC password is used for all other HPC systems once you are connected to the HPC network.