High Performance Computing


Password Policy

INL HPC passwords must conform to a minimum set of password requirements, including complexity and length. Never share passwords with another person. The HPC team will never ask for an HPC password.

Basic password requirements are as follows:

Requirement Description
8 character minimum A longer password is recommended!
1 or more lower-case letter a-z, must contain a letter in the first and last position
1 or more upper-case letter A-Z, must contain a letter in the first and last position
1 or more number 0-9
1 or more special character ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) [ ] { } < > \ / _ | + – = ` ‘ ” ; : . , ?
Similarity There are system-level password checks to determine if your new password is too similar to a previous one.

 Some prohibited password options:

  • Must not contain the user ID.
  • Must not contain common English dictionary word, spelled forward or backwards (except words of three or fewer characters).
  • Must not employ common names.
  • Must not contain a commonly used number associated with the user (e.g., SSN or license number).
  • Must not contain simple patterns of letters or numbers.

Note: The HPC password is different than the passcode for two-factor authentication. When interacting with the RSA SecurID token server (https://cybele.inl.gov:7004/console-selfservice), HPC OnDemand (https://hpcondemand.inl.gov), or SSH to hpclogin.inl.gov, the user is prompted for a passcode, which is the HPC RSA SecurID PIN + token code. Your HPC password is used for all other HPC systems once you are connected to the HPC network.

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