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Family Ties

Grandson operates research reactor his grandfather helped start up

January 10, 2019

Grandfather and grandson, Don and Dylan Sherick, represent the main trunk of an Idaho National Laboratory family tree that spreads out over three generations. There’s Jack, Don’s brother. Then there’s Steve, Karrie, Janis, Mark, Vanessa,…

INL newbie follows in grandfather’s footsteps

February 4, 2019

Although he is a relative newcomer to Idaho National Laboratory, Jesse Dickson feels a deep bond to the Site that stretches back to its early days as the National Reactor Testing Station. It was his…

Idaho lab’s career options sustain local family

March 8, 2019

For one eastern Idaho family, Idaho’s national laboratory provided a livable income while dad was in college, a career ladder for mom and a profession for their son that didn’t drive him out of state….

Family profile: Farming family provides foundational support at INL Site

April 11, 2019

They’ve never thought of themselves as an “INL family,” but members of the Barney family of Rexburg have experience with the lab that dates back to the Atomic Energy Commission days. One by one, members…

Admiral’s lessons live on in family of today’s employees

May 6, 2019

When Susan Davis was young, she asked her father what he did for a living, and he told her that “he boils water.” It’s not an inaccurate snapshot of Vice Adm. George Davis’ extensive and…

Idaho lab inspires education, technical careers in Stevens family

May 28, 2019

Donald G. Stevens spent 30 years waking up before 5:30 a.m., taking what was essentially a school bus to the Naval Reactors Facility (NRF), 60 miles west of Idaho Falls, and shivering in the cold…

Meet three generations of nuclear fuel experimentalists

June 14, 2019

Throughout 70 years of rich history at Idaho’s national laboratory, generations of esteemed scientists and engineers have joined the lab’s team of researchers. In Idaho Falls, three generations of young men grew up with mechanical…

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