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2023 International RELAP5 User Group (IRUG) Meeting

The International RELAP5 User Group (IRUG) connects RELAP5 users in various countries in order to share strategies and best practices for RELAP5 modeling. This IRUG meeting will feature several events.

Dick Wagner Memorial Reception (December 4)

Celebrate the 44th anniversary of RELAP5 at the Dick Wagner Memorial Reception on December 6 at 4 p.m. at the INL Meeting Center. The reception includes food and beverages at no cost. The speaker is Dr. Simon Pimblott, chief scientist of INL’s Nuclear Science & Technology directorate.

RELAP5-3D Beginner Training (December 4 – 6)

The RELAP5-3D beginner workshop will be held December 4 – 6 and will provide basic guidance to new RELAP5-3D users. The training includes an introduction to the code, models and functions, and step-by-step demonstration with simple test cases. A training certificate will be available to students who pass the written exam.

To attend the training, students must have access to INL’s High Performance Computing (HPC) network, and an active RELAP5-3D license. Contact your home organization to confi­rm RELAP5-3D license or the RELAP5-3D Project Coordinator. Access requests may be submitted during registration.

IRUG Seminar (December 7 – 8)

The 2023 IRUG seminar will be held December 7–8 and will include technical presentations and RELAP5-3D user group business discussions. An informational packet will be provided at the seminar.







Registration Deadlines

  • November 1: for participants needing RELAP5-3D access
  • November 27: participants with existing RELAP5-3D access.
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