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Biomass Feedstock National User Facility

A leading facility for research and development in the biomass processing space.

Department of Energy's Biomass Feedstock National User Facility

The Biomass Feedstock National User Facility (BFNUF) offers technology and expertise to help the U.S. bioenergy industry overcome biomass challenges during scale up and integration of biomass preprocessing facilities.

The BFNUF is a congressionally designated, national asset designed to help de-risk the scale up of bioeconomy. A reconfigurable preprocessing testbed that is utilized by both public and private sectors, the BFNUF can be utilized to rapidly scale up new processes.

BFNUF researches specialize in:
  • Supply and logistics
  • Analysis and sustainability
  • Preprocessing
  • Characterization

BFNUF capabilities include:

Process Development Unit

A full-scale, fully integrated Process Development Unit . The feedstock preprocessing plant’s modular design allows industry partners to customize process flow and insert third-party equipment to pilot a wide range of biomass preprocessing options. Equipment loan options also allow some pieces of equipment to be brought to partner sites for integration into their processes.

Biomass Characterization Laboratory

Biomass Characterization Laboratory. This resource helps pinpoint important biomass variables, such as particle size, composition and flowability. Researchers understand connections between material properties, processing conditions and feedstock quality as it impacts downstream products.

Biomass Feedstock Library

An organized, secure Biomass Feedstock Library This resource of information about the ph​ysical, chemical and conversion performance characteristics of biomass is designed to help overcome challenges posed by biomass variability.

Accessing the User Facility

There are two ways to access the INL Biomass Feedstock National User Facility:

  • User Facility Agreement
    • Each party will bear its own costs and expenses associated with the agreement. No money will be transferred to or from either party as consideration, in whole or in part of the agreement.
    • Users and Participants are subject to the administrative and technical supervision and control of Contractor; and will comply with all applicable rules of Contractor and the Department of Energy regarding admission to and use of the User Facility.
    • User understands that Contractor will have sole responsibility and discretion for allocating and scheduling usage of the User Facility and equipment needed for or involved under the agreement.
    • All agreement terms and conditions are non-negotiable.
    • Work performed within agreement is nonproprietary.
  • Strategic Partnership Project Agreement
    • Allows for the performance of work for non-Department of Energy (DOE) entities by DOE personnel and/or the utilization of DOE facilities that are not directly funded by Department of Energy appropriations. These partnerships allow others access to the Department of Energy’s immense and unique research, development, and manufacturing facilities on a fully reimbursable basis. There is a standardized format for the Terms & Conditions for subjects such as intellectual property, patent rights, funding, and payment.

Agreement Point of Contact:
Billy Radford – [email protected] for more specific agreement details.

Feedstock-Conversion Interface (FCIC) Reports

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BFNUF Director

Lynn Wendt

Idaho National Laboratory