The INL headquarters building is located in Idaho Falls, Idaho and is 2.7 miles from the Idaho Falls Regional Airport. The INL nuclear facilities are located on the desert about 45 miles west of Idaho Falls (see maps below).

Idaho National Laboratory
2525 Fremont Avenue
Idaho Falls, ID 83415

Directions to security badging office

Proceed to the INL Willow Creek Building (WCB) at 1955 Fremont Ave. Visitor parking is available in the front of the building at the second turn on your right. Visitors may enter through the front lobby entrance.

INL Group Tours

INL offers guided group tours that can be tailored to your group’s interests. From school groups to civic and professional organizations, more than 3,000 people tour INL every year to learn more about INL facilities, research, operations and history. To request a tour, please email View tour guidelines.

EBR-I Atomic Museum

On December 20, 1951, Experimental Breeder Reactor No. 1 (EBR-1) became the first power plant to produce electricity using atomic energy. It is now a historic landmark and is open to the public from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend — seven days a week — from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is free.

ID needed for visitor access

For visitor access or badging at INL, you will need to provide positive proof of identification such as a current U.S. passport or REAL ID Act-compliant state’s driver’s license. On March 30, 2015 Idaho was granted an extension for REAL ID Act implementation by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Therefore, Idaho driver’s licenses are a valid form of ID for accessing INL facilities.

Use this link to view a list of compliant/Extension States/Territories and noncompliant State/Territories.

For States/Territories not in compliance with REAL ID Act, a current driver’s license along with a second form of ID such as a social security card, original or certified copy of a birth certificate, Native American tribal document or U. S. Citizen ID Card, can be permitted for badging and visitor access to INL/BEA and other site contractor facilities.

Holders of other REAL ID Act non-compliant state’s driver’s licenses will require additional identification from the Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration. Click here to to view the list of approved Identification items.

Non-US citizens are subject to the requirements of the Department of Energy Foreign Visits Office.

Additional Addresses

EROB (Engineering Research Office Building)
2525 N. Fremont Ave.
Idaho Falls, ID 83415

Energy Innovation Laboratory and INL Meeting Center
775 MK Simpson Blvd.
Idaho Falls, ID 83415

CAES (Center for Advanced Energy Studies)
995 MK Simpson Blvd.
Idaho Falls, ID 83415

Letters should be mailed to:
Employee Name
Idaho National Laboratory
P.O. Box 1625
Idaho Falls, ID 83415

INL map: Idaho Falls Campus and desert site facilities (click here to expand)

 INL Visitor Map Preview

Directions to INL Meeting Center (at the Energy Innovation Lab, click to expand)

INL Meeting Center Directions Map

Area Hotels in relation to INL’s Badging Office (click here to expand)

VIP Map Preview