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12th World Conference on Neutron Radiography

June 2-7, 2024

Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA



The 12th World Conference on Neutron Radiography (WCNR-12) is an international forum that brings together researchers, engineers, industry practitioners and university students to promote, discuss and disseminate a wide range of topics in neutron imaging. This weeklong conference focuses on the latest methods, instrumentation and facilities, improvements in data processing and interpretation, and new applications of neutron imaging.

Ever-improving neutron imaging instruments and new methods push the frontiers of science and address industrial needs. Many user facilities at large research centers with powerful neutron imaging beamlines address the research needs of an increasingly diverse range of applications. Recent developments in accelerator-based sources could expand the user base for neutron imaging by making compact neutron sources available at facilities beyond large neutron sources at major research centers. Industrial practitioners continue to use neutron imaging for practical industrial applications following industry standards.

The World Conference on Neutron Radiography series is organized by the International Society for Neutron Radiography (ISNR) to promote the field of neutron imaging and foster interaction and communication between experts and users in the field (see

WCNR-12 continues a series of meetings initiated and started in San Diego, California, in December 1981. In intervals of about four years, the conference moved between the United States, Japan and Europe until the most recent one (WCNR-11) in Sydney, Australia, in 2018 (see previous ISNR proceedings here:

Important Dates

Call for Abstract

Nov. 1, 2023 - Feb.15, 2024

Registration Closes

May 1, 2024


Jun. 2, 2024 - Jun. 7, 2024

Final Manuscript Submission Deadline

July 31, 2024

Call for Abstracts

You can submit your abstracts for WCNR-12.

Please submit abstracts that describe innovative, significant and relevant contributions to the fields of neutron imaging and industry. These abstracts will be reviewed and accepted submissions will be presented at the conference. Please ensure that your abstracts are written in English, formatted as PDF files and do not exceed one page in length, including any figures and references.

Scientific Program

The 12th World Conference on Neutron Radiography will cover various topics related to neutron imaging. WCNR presents a unique opportunity to engage with leading experts and receive feedback on new facilities and ideal instrumentation.

Applications and Scientific Topics

Neutron imaging enables a wide range of applications, from fundamental research to industrial uses. 


New neutron imaging facilities and modifications to existing ones will be discussed.


Recent developments in any hardware that constitutes a neutron imaging instrument are suitable topics. This includes detectors (e.g., cameras, scintillator screens, microchannel plates, Timepix detectors), neutron guides and optics, shielding and radiation mitigation, compact neutron sources, and more.

Method Development

Methods for neutron imaging are continually evolving. This track encompasses advanced methods for well-established techniques and entirely new techniques. Some methods of interest include energy-selective imaging, neutron grating interferometry, single-event-based methods and polarized neutron imaging.

Data Processing and Analysis

Image and data processing and analysis encompass image correction and enhancement, computed tomography (CT) reconstruction, and extracting physical parameters describing the sample. Additionally, software tools developed for processing neutron imaging data will be presented.

Scientific Board

Local Organization Committee

Scientific Advisory Board


Poster Instructions

Please use the following guidelines for your poster design:

  • Poster Size: Design your poster at 30″ x 40″ (76 cm x 101 cm)
  • Orientation: Portrait
  • Layout: Emphasize a clean, visually appealing design with an attention-grabbing yet easily readable color scheme.

Please consider using a more effective poster approach, as described in the video.

On-site printing services will be available for participants for a fee of $71 USD.  Those interested in this service should contact us via email at [email protected]. No requests will be accepted after 17.

WCNR-12 Proceedings

As a contributor (oral or poster) to the conference, we expect you to submit a contribution to the proceedings of the WCNR-12. The proceedings will be published later and made available online. Currently, the publisher is to be determined.

  • July 31, 2024 Submission of contributions.
  • Oct. 31, 2024 Peer review.
  • Dec. 15, 2024 Final submission of revised contributions.
  • Previous WCNR Proceedings

The previous WCNR-11 Proceedings may be viewed here:

Registration and Conference Fees

Registration to the WCNR-12 Conference is closed. All registration fees must be paid by May 17.

The registration fee includes:

Optional activities outside the registration fee include:

  • Yellowstone National Park Walking Discussion

Registration and credit card payment will be handled through INL’s DICE/IAEA website. 

Please contact [email protected] for special requests regarding late registration.

Venue and Accommodations

The conference will be held in the Hilton Garden Inn in Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA.

We have arranged a block of rooms in the hotel at a special conference rate:

  • Hilton Garden (Venue) Room rate: $194 USD (per night)
  • Hilton Tru (next door) Room rate: $184 USD (per night)
    Note: I
    f you would like to reserve rooms outside of the conference block, you will need to make two reservations or call the hotel directly to make one reservation.

These rates include free Wi-Fi, swimming pool access and more. The number of available rooms at this rate in the Hilton Garden Inn and Hilton Tru are limited. The rooms are on a first come, first served basis.

The conference rate will be valid between June 2, 2024 (arrival) and June 7, 2024 (departure). If all rooms are reserved at the Hilton hotels, booking at alternative nearby hotels will be needed. In this case, different rates may apply.

Please reserve your room by directly contacting the hotel using event title “WCNR-12 World Conference 2024” on the event days.

Transportation from Salt Lake City

Shuttle options from Salt Lake City airport to and from Idaho Falls are available.

Contact Information

If you have questions, please contact the local WCNR Organizing Committee.

Conference Email: [email protected]



Yellowstone Walking Discussion

The Yellowstone National Park Walking Discussion is an optional activity that is not included in the registration fee. The prices for this activity will be determined after the final headcount. Participants can chose to attend during the registration process, and they will be notified via email once the price has been determined.

Eruption of Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA
Bisons - Yellowstone National Park / USA

Places to Visit

Idaho National Laboratory