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New tech brings resilience to small-town hydropower

FELT, Idaho — Idaho National Laboratory (INL) celebrated the ribbon–cutting of its new Microgrid in a Box, which was deployed in partnership with the Fall River Electric Cooperative at its hydropower plant in rural Idaho. Using newly developed technologies, INL researchers demonstrated how hydropower with advanced controls and use of a mobile microgrid, can enable small communities to maintain critical

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Shoshone-Bannock Tribes, Idaho National Laboratory begin irrigation modernization case study

Idaho National Laboratory (INL) is partnering with the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes to modernize the Fort Hall, Idaho-based irrigation system. INL, along with partners at Pacific National Northwest Laboratory, will support this effort, funded by the Department of Energy’s Water Power Technologies Office. To forge the partnership, INL staff members held a series of meetings with the Fort Hall Business Council, tribal

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Using excess energy to split water could help make hydrogen a key player in the clean energy future

For decades, some energy experts have dreamed of a carbon-free landscape where clean hydrogen is the dominant transportation fuel, energy storage medium and chemical building block. Indeed, hydrogen already plays a big role in the manufacturing processes of many common goods, from metal to fertilizer to food products. Likewise, several recent technologies allow hydrogen to be burned or used in

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