Series: Nuclear Energy

Florida company TAPs into answers

For Juan Carlos Villatoro, what began as a simple internet search for information that could help him extract high-value minerals from used cellphones and laptops might now seem like a big twist of fate. The clean energy entrepreneur from Jacksonville, Florida, most likely didn’t expect a connection to Idaho National Laboratory that would eventually result in his business, Alquimista, receiving

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How molten salt could be the lifeblood of tomorrow’s nuclear energy

Salt isn’t just for popcorn anymore. In fact, molten salt has caught the eye of the nuclear industry as an ideal working fluid for reactor cooling, energy transfer, fueling and fission product absorption. Many of the salts being considered are inexpensive, nontoxic, and easily transportable. In fact, table salt is one of the constituents many reactor developers are choosing to

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National lab helps Wyoming explore nuclear energy frontier

An agreement between Idaho National Laboratory and Wyoming positions the state to continue as a leader in energy production and innovation. The collaboration comes after TerraPower announced plans in 2021 to build its Natrium Power Plant in Kemmerer, Wyoming. Wyoming’s elected officials, educators and business leaders have since reached out to experts at INL for advice to maximize the economic

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Study shows advantages of charging electric heavy-duty vehicles with small modular nuclear reactors

Nuclear and hydrogen could be the ideal fuel for recharging electric trucks, opening potential markets for developers of small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs).   That’s according to a University of Michigan study funded by Emerging Energy Markets Analysis, an Idaho National Laboratory (INL) initiative.  This analysis addresses a critical aspect of low-emission energy transitions, said Steve Aumeier, senior advisor of INL’s

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