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Doing Business with INL

INL Small Business Program

INL’s Small Business Program provides significant opportunities to small, small disadvantaged, woman-owned, and HUBZone companies to establish a successful and prosperous relationship with INL. 

INL remains open and honest with information regarding its small business opportunities and volume.

INL has a goal to increase the extent, variety and complexity of small business involvement, and to ensure that small businesses participate in meaningful prime contract performance.

This commitment is communicated through the goals outlined in the FY24 Small Business Subcontracting Plan.

INL is committed to supporting the small business objectives of the U.S. Government and DOE. We recognize that diversity in subcontracting provides a vital link to the local community, strengthens the economy, and represents best business practices.

What We Buy at the Idaho National Laboratory

INL missions are very diverse and as such, INL procures an equally diverse range of materials and services. Procurement categories include commodities, equipment, Information Technology, services and construction. INL procures products and services that meet required quality and delivery at the best value. As such, we seek suppliers who are reliable, cost-effective and safe. Examples within each area are listed below.

  1. Commodities: office supplies; laboratory supplies; chemicals; industrial supplies; fasteners; tools; clothing; gasses; petroleum
  2. Construction: new facilities; system upgrades
  3. Equipment: capital equipment; heavy equipment; instrumentation; engineered hardware; nuclear fuels; reactor spare parts
  4. Information Technologies: workstations; specialty software; servers; services; software telecommunications services and equipment; equipment systems; personal computers
  5. Services (technical services): engineering; civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, landscaping; environmental support; environmental sampling, facility support; maintenance; university research and development

Policies and Regulations

INL does not allow marketing of future services by subcontractor employees while working under an existing subcontract. Marketing efforts are prohibited within the confines of INL unless authorized by INL’s procurement division.

INL’s environmental policy is to conduct research, development and demonstration for energy and national security in a manner that protects and preserves human health and the environment and is in full compliance with applicable environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements.
INL implements this policy by integrating environmental requirements, pollution prevention, continual improvement into our work planning and execution, and taking actions to minimize the environmental impacts of our operations. We establish and communicate environmental responsibilities, provide environmental training to our workforce, and implement controls to mitigate environmental hazards.

All subcontractors are expected to adhere to INL’s Environmental Policy.

Fraudulent Purchase Orders!

Suppliers and Vendors beware. Fraudulent solicitations and Purchase Orders (POs), deceitfully misusing the identity of Idaho National Laboratory (INL) and Battelle Energy Alliance are being used by scammers to steal your inventory. While scams of this nature are not new, we urge you to maintain a heightened sense of awareness regarding this type of fraud, as scammers are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Scammers may send fictitious letters and/or requests for quotations (RFQs), resulting in fraudulent orders for goods or services. These instruments are issued on what appear to be legitimate INL letterhead. In this ruse, a deceiver impersonates a current or former INL employee or claims to communicate on INL’s behalf. Indicators of a fraudulent PO include:
  1. Delivery location other than INL receiving warehouses in Idaho, especially offsite
  2. Incorrect names and/or titles of bonafide INL Acquisition staff
  3. Domain name extensions other than “
  4. Nonstandard INL PO numbers, sequences, or use of alpha characters
  5. No reference to INL standard terms & conditions (e.g. PROC-202)
  6. Failure to use Adobe electronic signatures with time & date stamp
  7. Orders for items easily marketed for resale
  8. Improper grammar and/or incorrect spelling. A common error is the misspelling of “Battelle.”
When there is any question to the authenticity of an INL document or interaction, please do not hesitate to contact the INL Acquisition point of contact via email at [email protected]. Please note: INL is not liable for losses resulting from fraudulent purchasing activities. DOE ID Fraud Alert Letter

Contact Information

Stacey Francis

Idaho National Laboratory