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Tri-Lab Initiative Leads Innovation in Novel Hybrid Energy Systems

December 8, 2020

Tri-Lab initiative leads innovation in novel hybrid energy systems IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Future novel hybrid energy systems could lead to paradigm shifts in clean energy production, according to a paper published last week in Joule. Researchers from the U.S....

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National lab donates geothermal analysis for community pool project

November 12, 2020

For millions of years, the earth’s crust has moved over the Yellowstone hot spot, shaping the landscapes of Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. The hot spot has spawned major volcanic eruptions, blanketed large portions of the United States in...

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COVID savings: How telework has changed INL’s energy footprint

November 10, 2020

If you’re in charge of keeping track of such things as energy use, water consumption and recycling at a company, you’d naturally expect to see numbers drop when 3,500 people are told to go home and work from there. In...

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Private-public partnership will use nuclear energy for clean hydrogen production

November 9, 2020

Private-public partnership will use nuclear energy for clean hydrogen production Project is first U.S. pairing of high-temperature steam electrolysis with commercial heat More than $10 million in federal funding will help a Minnesota nuclear power plant make hydrogen in a...

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John Wagner named Idaho National Laboratory director

November 5, 2020

John Wagner named Idaho National Laboratory director IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Battelle Energy Alliance’s (BEA) Board of Managers announced today that John Wagner, Ph.D., will be the next director of Idaho National Laboratory (INL). BEA manages and operates the laboratory...

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How hydropower can help the grid recover from extreme events

November 4, 2020

Water is known to have healing qualities, but in the case of hydroelectric power generation, it has the power to stabilize the electric grid in times of crisis. As threats become more common from both nature and human activity, researchers...

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Trash to Treasure: Sustainable recycling of electric vehicle batteries

October 19, 2020

Lithium-ion batteries have led to a revolution in consumer and industrial electronics that has paved the way for a wireless future with fewer carbon emissions. Yet the lightweight, rechargeable energy source for everything from cellphones to electric vehicles poses one...

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Idaho laboratory joins national research programs for making ‘green’ hydrogen

October 8, 2020

Idaho laboratory joins national research programs for making ‘green’ hydrogen IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Idaho National Laboratory is a member of two new Department of Energy research consortia charged with exploring new methods and technologies for hydrogen production. Hydrogen can...

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Participants sought for electric vehicle data collection

September 10, 2020

Although it might not be widely known, Idaho National Laboratory has conducted electric vehicle research for the U.S. Department of Energy since the early 1980s and plays a leading role in the national laboratory complex today, especially when it comes...

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Making sense of electrical grid big data

August 26, 2020

Big data analytics is big in more ways than one. Big data – information that is voluminous and diverse – and its analysis play central roles in TV shows, movies and books. But big data analytics is also important in...

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