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Shining a spotlight on The Goat Milk Maidens

August 18, 2020

INL Planning and Financial Controls Analyst Whitney Jolley has helped raise goats her entire life, beginning on her family’s farm just north of Idaho Falls as a child, and continuing on her current farm in Firth today. Using milk from...

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For INL researcher, Indian drums are a family tradition

July 10, 2020

Playing the tabla at the Diwali Event organized by the Association of Students from India and the North Dakota State University International Office. For nearly his entire life, Abhishek Banerjee has studied the tabla, a pair of small drums played...

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Design drafter by day, woodworker by night

May 26, 2020

Growing up in Shelley, Idaho, Bubba Ricker spent most of his childhood putting things together. Between canvassing notebooks with schematics for woodworking projects and helping his father put them together, Ricker has always had a natural instinct for working with...

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Calibration technician moonlights as mountain man

April 29, 2020

Looking back over the last 45 years, life has offered Jack Montgomery interesting choices that he has rarely failed to embrace with enthusiasm. A calibration technician in Idaho National Laboratory’s Health Physics Instrumentation Laboratory (HPIL), Montgomery has literally been to...

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Along for the Ride: INL employee uses endurance equine racing to explore...

April 6, 2020

Jessica Cobbley loves preparing others for the ride of their lives. Jessica Cobbley is an e-learning technologist at INL’s Advanced Test Reactor Complex. In her work at Idaho National Laboratory, Cobbley works as an Advanced Test Reactor e-learning technologist. She...

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INL employees compete for the title of fastest gunslinger

February 19, 2020

With a Ruger .45 caliber revolver glued to her hip like a fifth limb, Debbie Sioux stands at the firing line ready to draw. Her trigger hand circles her gun like a hunter surrounds its prey — skulking and calculating...

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Finding a new passion for uranium

October 7, 2019

Most people who enter antique stores wander aimlessly, looking for anything that might catch their eye. But for Haylee and Ryan Saunders, they scour the shelves and cases with a singular focus for an elusive treasure: uranium glass. When Ryan...

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INL physician assistant moonlights as young adult fiction writer

September 23, 2019

Since he started writing fiction, Jason Joyner says he has found himself somewhere between the “plotters” and “pantsers.” Like the first group, who meticulously outline their books and then follow it, Joyner prefers to have a solid idea of where...

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Family farm, work at INL connects generations of Callisters

March 25, 2019

As the sun rises over Blackfoot, Idaho, the Callister family rises as well and begins another long day of rewarding work on their family farm. Multiple generations of INL employees have shared their time working at the desert Site and...

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Son’s memory lives on through ’68 Chevrolet short box pickup

February 21, 2019

INL project managers face intriguing technical challenges every day on the job; one would think they’d want to rest up in their hours off. However, for Project Manager Steve Martinson and his wife, industrial engineer Darcie Martinson, this isn’t the...

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