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Recognizing our veterans

November 11, 2020

Nov. 11 is a special day across our nation. Every year, on what once was known as Armistice Day, Americans observe a federal holiday on which, as former President Ronald Reagan said, “We remember those who were called upon to...

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How to train a Pro Force team member

September 2, 2020

Security protection 24 hours a day at Idaho National Laboratory requires elite security systems and a well-trained, physically fit guard force. Being an INL Protective Force (Pro Force) officer is a challenging and invigorating career, and the demands of the...

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An Inside Look at INL’s Partnership with RED Inc.

March 19, 2020

As INL employees walk through the halls of their office buildings, they are greeted by eye-catching posters and flyers advertising the multitude of events and accomplishments the lab boasts. Many of these come straight from the hands of the talented...

To Pluto and Beyond: Work that reaches the stars

February 17, 2020

They’ve stayed in the same spot for more than a decade, but their work has traveled to Pluto and beyond, and landed on the surface of Mars. Bob Gomez, Courtney Swassing and Jon Bradley have spent most of their Idaho...

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Finding the right angle: INL employees’ skills transfer from workplace to outdoor...

January 9, 2020

Anyone who has ventured through the Idaho outdoors can attest to its breathtaking scenery and wildlife. But capturing a photo that begins to convey the grandeur of Idaho’s gorgeous and rugged terrain is a matter of talent and skill. The...

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INL Holiday Traditions

December 20, 2019

As Idaho National Laboratory wraps up its 70th anniversary year, perhaps the holiday season is the time to look at what a gift the lab has been to eastern Idaho in terms of cultural diversity and rich traditions. Since 1949,...

Seeing double: Twin sisters find careers at Idaho’s national lab

November 26, 2019

When it was time for his twin granddaughters to learn to drive, James W. Codding Jr. taught them in his farm truck on the family ranch off of Cotton Road. “It was a big one-ton Dodge, ugly blue,” said Jeré...

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Connecting to your roots: INL celebrates Native American Heritage Month

November 25, 2019

What does it mean to be Native American in the world today? How do native roots interact with today’s world? During the month of November, the United States celebrates Native American Heritage Month. Initial annual recognition of Native American culture by the federal government came in...

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Veterans Day takes on special meaning for many INL employees

November 11, 2019

The United States military, and those who serve in its ranks, are woven into the fabric of Idaho National Laboratory. INL’s 890-square-mile Site was developed on a former Naval proving ground. At the Submarine Thermal Reactor facility on the desert...

Researcher highlight: Yoshiko Fujita

October 21, 2019

Growing up, Yoshiko Fujita did not really see herself as a scientist. She even graduated from Williams College without, to her physicist father’s amazement, having taken a single college-level physics class. Thinking she wanted to go into law or a...

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