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Cracking under pressure: What teeth can teach us about modern materials

February 18, 2022

As unlikely as it sounds, a simple tooth could play a significant role in the world’s clean energy future.   Because dental enamel has unique properties that make it both rigid and resilient, it has a range of valuable applications beyond...

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Learning to improve chemical reactions with artificial intelligence

February 14, 2022

If you follow the directions in a cake recipe, you expect to end up with a nice fluffy cake. In Idaho Falls, though, the elevation can affect these results. When baked goods don’t turn out as expected, the troubleshooting begins. This happens in chemistry, too. Chemists must be able to account for how...

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Battle-ready recycling: DARPA ReSource project enlists INL research team

February 2, 2022

For centuries, armies in the field have faced situations where they had to live off whatever they could get their hands on. The saying “an army marches on its stomach” has been attributed to both Napoleon and Frederick the Great.  In the 21st century, the U.S. Defense Advanced...

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Garbage changing the game? How municipal waste is becoming a bioenergy champion

January 17, 2022

As our global need for sustainable fuel grows, bioenergy is one resource that holds the key to unlocking a cleaner, more renewable energy future. Idaho National Laboratory (INL) bioenergy researcher Rebecca Brown is leading new research that supports the Department of Energy’s efforts...

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It’s in the water

January 10, 2022

Lithium from geothermal brine could help meet growing demand for raw material and make geothermal power more cost efficient  Electric vehicles are expected to be essential to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As more of them roll off production lines and onto roads, the world will need two things: more lithium, the key element...

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Five INL innovations that are changing the world

December 23, 2021

Idaho National Laboratory researchers are focused on innovations that are changing the world. From discoveries in advanced nuclear energy to carbon-free energy options and to protecting our nation’s most critical infrastructure assets, our talented teams at INL are constantly pushing the limits to redefine what is possible.   Check...

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Moving water could replace diesel energy in remote communities

November 16, 2021

In remote regions of Alaska, many communities aren’t connected to a regional electrical grid, forcing them to rely on importing diesel fuel to meet their energy needs. But the harsh elements can lead to interruptions in their fuel supply, and...

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Machine learning in charge: Improving battery safety for electric vehicles

September 29, 2021

Lithium-ion batteries don’t last forever. They wear out and eventually die, with operating conditions sometimes speeding up the process. Fast charging could recharge an electric vehicle battery in minutes rather than hours, but doing so can rapidly age a battery....

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Small hydropower proves to be an ally for rural communities

August 23, 2021

The poet John Donne said no man is an island. Instead, everyone is part of a greater community. The same is true for power plants – most of the time. Normally, plants connect to the grid and help each other...

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New IrrigationViz tool promotes water, energy, environment for communities

June 22, 2021

Reinvestment in the nation’s irrigation systems has numerous benefits. It can simultaneously promote the economic well-being of farmers and rural communities, generate more renewable energy, and advance environmental stewardship. Plus, such efforts could cut carbon emissions in the farm sector,...

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