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Kashia Hale: Coach, mom and operations support extraordinaire

September 3, 2021

A busy schedule isn’t a burden for Idaho National Laboratory (INL) employee and Mackay High School two-sport coach Kashia Hale. Far from it. Hale said her busy schedule doesn’t allow for much time to sleep in, but it provides a...

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Fit for duty

August 6, 2021

Two INL employees find camaraderie, challenge in extreme obstacle races Shannon Havins on the “Victory Wall” at the Montana Spartan Beast 21k race, held near Kalispell, Montana on May 1. To see them endure the rigors of a Spartan Race, you...

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Speeding safely: Nuclear laboratory principles translate to the racetrack

June 14, 2021

Raymond Clark understands how to play it safe. He does it both at work and while racing a motorcycle at more than 100 mph. Raymond Clark is the fabrication manager at the Idaho National Laboratory’s Materials and Fuels Complex. (photo...

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Catching phish and fish

June 11, 2021

There’s something fishy about Sandy Briggs. Two important pieces of her life might sound the same, but their functions are quite different. Briggs is a cybersecurity administrator and project manager at Idaho National Laboratory. Part of her job is to...

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Things that go vroom: Nuclear instrumentation researcher’s passion for anything with wheels

June 8, 2021

When he’s developing and testing sensors for advanced nuclear reactors, Idaho National Laboratory’s Troy Unruh is thinking big and long term. When it’s time to unwind, however, his thoughts turn quickly to his fleet of vehicles. “It’s always a balancing...

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INL engineer gives new life to vintage snowcat

April 1, 2021

David Stites has always had a knack for seeing things to completion. In his eyes, the sense of accomplishment that comes from creating something of your own is an incomparable feeling. It’s easy to imagine that helping create something inside...

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ATR project manager carries skills to great outdoors

January 12, 2021

Growing up in Wisconsin, Marvin Guzman came to love the outdoors and the freedom a dirt bike gave him to explore scenic trails. When he moved to Idaho with the Navy in 1989, that love only grew. The Moody Mountain...

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INL family takes counting down to the holidays to the next level

December 3, 2020

Many families count down the days to Christmas using an Advent calendar. The Vorwaller family of Idaho Falls has added an element to the tradition that ensures time together during this busy season of the year. A trip to the...

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INL employee honored for creating ‘COVID Concert Series’ page on social media

November 12, 2020

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Diana Thompson noticed at the grocery store the dazed look on nearly everyone’s face. There was panic, too, as people scrambled for such things as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, flour and yeast....

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Jumping to the challenge: INL employee reconnects with horsemanship

September 30, 2020

Stacey Garitone grew up in both Idaho and California, but one constant in her life was horseback riding. It started early. “I started riding around 4,” she said. “I used to climb into the pasture when I was little and...

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