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From research to rescue: INL employee volunteers for search and recovery team

March 27, 2023

It started as a normal afternoon. Angelica Petrovic was working on projects as part of the Business Affairs and Strategic Planning team at Idaho National Laboratory’s Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) when she received an unexpected call to search for a...

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Taking charge of our future: New federal program enhances nationwide electric vehicle...

March 20, 2023

Before electric vehicles can lead the way into a cleaner energy future, drivers must have confidence that they can find a charger when they need one. The new National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure, or NEVI, formula program is addressing that challenge...

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From atoms to earthquakes to Mars: High-performance computing a Swiss Army knife...

March 13, 2023

Researchers solving today’s most important and complex energy challenges can’t always conduct real-world experiments.     This is especially true for nuclear energy research. Considerations such as cost, safety and limited resources can often make laboratory tests impractical. In some cases, the...

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Meet the Idaho National Laboratory experts supporting TerraPower’s advanced reactor development

March 6, 2023

Over the next few decades, dozens of coal power plants around the country will reach the end of their operational lives, and will need to be replaced with new, clean energy sources.   The city of Kemmerer, Wyoming, home to a...

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Jhansi Kandasamy comes full-circle as Idaho National Laboratory Net-Zero executive director

February 27, 2023

In early 2019, Jhansi Kandasamy thought she had already landed her dream job — vice president of engineering at GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy. There, she led engineering, operations support and development for six years supporting everything from operating power plants...

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Idaho National Laboratory’s Christopher Ischay receives DOE Sustainability Award

February 20, 2023

The U.S. Department of Energy awarded Idaho National Laboratory’s Christopher Ischay a 2022 Sustainability Award, naming him a Sustainable Champion.   Ischay is the Sustainable INL department manager. He helped establish the laboratory’s sustainability program in 2007 and developed the program...

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High and dry: Idaho National Laboratory-developed software helps farmers manage water usage

February 13, 2023

The interstates and back roads of southeastern Idaho pass through a carpet of farmland, unrolling in all directions. Tall irrigation pivots pump water out across the broad expanses of leafy green potato plants, lifeblood of the state’s economy. But in...

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Microgrid in a Box opening new possibilities in defense, utilities, disaster relief

February 9, 2023

In a back lot behind a building at Idaho National Laboratory in Idaho Falls, energy systems engineer Kurt Myers leads me outside to look at a nondescript shipping container and an enclosed trailer. While at first glance, these generic-looking boxes...

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Starting small: Three microgrid projects bring clean energy to Army in Kuwait

January 31, 2023

When U.S. military members are deployed in the Middle East, they often have limited access to sustainable energy sources. To help reduce carbon emissions from troops abroad, Idaho National Laboratory and the U.S. Department of Defense are developing three pilot...

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Advanced research agency funds two Idaho National Laboratory net-zero research projects

January 26, 2023

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) has awarded more than $5.8 million to Idaho National Laboratory to support research that boosts domestic supplies of the critical elements needed to meet the nation’s clean energy goals.  The...

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