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Energy secretary tours INL with focus on clean energy, national security capabilities

August 3, 2022

Idaho Falls, Idaho – U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Jennifer Granholm made her first visit to Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Wednesday. Granholm, a former governor of Michigan, was appointed by President Joe Biden to lead the Energy department and...

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A new ETHOS: INL leads study of innovation culture at six national...

May 31, 2022

The United States invests more than $30 billion every year in its national laboratories, which are owned and operated by the U.S. Department of Energy. Their mission, according to DOE’s mission statement, is to “ensure America’s security and prosperity by...

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INL chooses cybersecurity company to participate in Mentor-Protege Program

March 18, 2022

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Battelle Energy Alliance has selected QED Secure Solutions to participate in Idaho National Laboratory’s Mentor-Protege Program. After an extensive review, the Texas-based company that focuses on cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection, emerged as the best candidate...

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Armor technology designed to protect the power grid licensed by Michigan company

March 8, 2022

A 2013 sniper attack on an electric power substation in Northern California, which caused more than $15 million in damages and destroyed 17 transformers, led Idaho National Laboratory researchers to develop a novel protective solution. Now, the lab’s Armored Transformer...

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Idaho universities gain access to Idaho National Laboratory supercomputer

February 28, 2022

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Students and faculty at Idaho’s three public research universities will soon have access to one of the nation’s fastest academic supercomputers thanks to an agreement signed in January. The memorandum of understanding between Boise State University,...

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Former Pocatello National Guard Armory serves first responders again

January 13, 2022

When it opened in 1939 and for the next 30 years, Pocatello’s National Guard Armory on South Second Avenue bustled with activity. Guardsmen trained with tanks and armored vehicles, frequently leaving for maneuvers in the hills outside town. But if the walls of the New Deal-era armory could talk, they would tell of...

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A decade in the making, Idaho researchers unveil enhanced electric power grid...

January 12, 2022

A decade in the making, Idaho researchers unveil enhanced electric power grid test bed   It’s taken almost 10 years to design and construct, but researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory have now energized and put into service one of the nation’s most comprehensive...

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Need for speed: INL counterintelligence specialist switches gears

January 7, 2022

Many hold fond memories of their first “real” car. That first car has stayed with Michael Vollmer and led to a hobby that has lasted more than 25 years.  Just a couple of high school kids: A young Michael Vollmer, right, poses with...

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Security researchers discover abundant, cost-effective way to make new cancer medicine

January 4, 2022

A step beyond X-rays, nuclear medicine involves introducing small amounts of radioactive materials into tissues and organs to make detailed images for diagnosing and treating diseases, especially cancer.   Unfortunately, the radioactive building blocks of these materials, called radioisotopes, are often difficult and expensive to produce.   At a...

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Five INL innovations that are changing the world

December 23, 2021

Idaho National Laboratory researchers are focused on innovations that are changing the world. From discoveries in advanced nuclear energy to carbon-free energy options and to protecting our nation’s most critical infrastructure assets, our talented teams at INL are constantly pushing the limits to redefine what is possible.   Check...

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