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National lab helps Wyoming explore nuclear energy frontier

May 30, 2023

An agreement between Idaho National Laboratory and Wyoming positions the state to continue as a leader in energy production and innovation. The collaboration comes after TerraPower announced plans in 2021 to build its Natrium Power Plant in Kemmerer, Wyoming. Wyoming’s...

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New study examines US markets for microreactors

May 15, 2023

Developers seeking to deploy advanced nuclear reactors can find high market potential in states with energy-intensive industries, nuclear-friendly laws, and widespread social acceptance – factors outlined in a new report by researchers at Idaho National Laboratory (INL).  The report, “Microreactor...

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Laboratory experts help states learn more about advanced nuclear deployment

April 24, 2023

Idaho National Laboratory is poised to lend its deep bench of experts to a new resource for states wanting to learn more about advanced nuclear energy deployment.  The Advanced Nuclear State Collaborative, launched in February, has already received interest from...

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From atoms to earthquakes to Mars: High-performance computing a Swiss Army knife...

March 13, 2023

Researchers solving today’s most important and complex energy challenges can’t always conduct real-world experiments.     This is especially true for nuclear energy research. Considerations such as cost, safety and limited resources can often make laboratory tests impractical. In some cases, the...

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Meet the Idaho National Laboratory experts supporting TerraPower’s advanced reactor development

March 6, 2023

Over the next few decades, dozens of coal power plants around the country will reach the end of their operational lives, and will need to be replaced with new, clean energy sources.   The city of Kemmerer, Wyoming, home to a...

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Nuclear forensics team braves winds to learn fallout collection techniques

December 5, 2022

Although the likelihood of a terrorist nuclear attack is extremely low, a lot of work is required to prepare for such an unthinkable event. That’s why a response team assembled by the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) recently trained in...

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Idaho researchers help Wyoming trailblaze energy, manufacturing frontiers

December 1, 2022

Wyoming’s embrace of advanced energy and manufacturing technologies has positioned the state to become a trailblazer in the global low-emissions economy.   Wyoming’s leadership in the nation’s energy future was the topic of this year’s Frontiers Project Meeting Oct. 7 in...

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Idaho National Laboratory researchers awarded $3.8 million, program renewals confirmed

November 21, 2022

Idaho National Laboratory researchers have won funding from one of the nation’s largest sponsors of research in the natural sciences. At $3.8 million over three years, it is one of the largest Department of Energy Office of Science’s Basic Energy...

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Simulation Code Probes Microscale Mysteries of Advanced Manufacturing

November 3, 2022

In the future, the biggest breakthroughs in aerospace and elemental energy will likely result from thinking small. Really small. Whether it’s rocket engines or fusion reactors, advances in these technologies require new materials equipped to handle their extreme operating environments....

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Supporting innovation with automation: INL researcher develops autonomous hot cell tool

November 1, 2022

Scientific progress is anything but automatic. The path to new discoveries is not a straight line. But while the route to nuclear energy breakthroughs may be circuitous, automated solutions can enhance the efficiency of the research process and get to...

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