INL Experts

Find and connect with researchers

INL Experts is a public, searchable database designed to expand collaborations with Idaho National Laboratory researchers and enhance the visibility of their research. This tool can inspire discovery and innovation by connecting researchers within the laboratory, across disciplines, nationally and internationally.

INL Experts includes information about:

  • Research expertise
  • Conference presentations
  • Books and book chapters
  • Technical reports
  • Patents and other intellectual property
  • Research units
  • Memberships of scholarly organizations
  • Press and media

Each profile includes a “scholarly fingerprint” related to the topical area and expertise of the researcher or research unit.

INL Experts is powered by PURE, Scopus and Elsevier Fingerprint EngineTM.

Frequently Asked Questions

INL Experts is a public-facing interface that captures and displays research output and external awards.  The portal allows you to:

  • See a researcher’s recent publications and view article metrics, such as citations and news mentions.
  • Find and identify potential collaborators.
  • Search for collaborators by topic by simply entering a keyword into the search or through the fingerprint engine.

Current INL research staff and postdocs. 

Profiles are created when new researchers join the lab, when researchers author scientific publications, or when researchers request profiles by emailing the INL Experts Team. Administrators will work with researchers to include names, titles, research unit, contact information, research bio, photo, research interests, education, research output, memberships in professional networks, honorary professional awards and additional information.

Research output populates from Scopus (automatic), Web of Science, Google Scholar, OSTI, IEEE Xplore, ORCID, ArcIX, Research Gate, other online repositories, and manually based on information provided by researchers.

Scopus captures research output and citation counts. Social media mentions are noted through PlumX and Altmetric. Education data updates through information provided by the researcher or from their other public-facing profiles.

“Fingerprints,” or key topics, are associated with each profile generated by Elsevier, based on a researcher’s output.

Once a profile is established, publications update weekly via Scopus. Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature: scientific journals, books and conference proceedings. Social media analytics (PlumX and Altmetric) update daily.

Press/media is identified on a weekly basis using name recognition. New press/media is hidden from view until approved by administrators. Press/media can be disabled by contacting the INL Experts Team.

All other data is updated by administrators as requested.

INL Experts consists of the public-facing portal and an internal administrative portal. For help with either, contact the INL Experts Team.

Contact Information

Brian Rucks

Phone: (208) 526-2741

Idaho National Laboratory