Author: Joelyn Hansen

The tool to build a better battery

Batteries play a pivotal role in the world’s mission to reach net-zero carbon emissions, from electric vehicles to grid-scale electricity storage to home use. This includes helping nuclear power work with renewables to develop sustainable, carbon-free energy systems.   But current batteries are too expensive and inefficient because of material procurement, battery life, power limitations and recharging challenges. To solve these

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More than 150 Idaho technologies licensed in 2022

Thousands of innovations and technologies have been discovered at Idaho National Laboratory since its establishment more than 70 years ago. The discoveries include everything from cybersecurity software that reduces risk of cyberattacks to inventions that improve the safety and efficiency of nuclear reactors. But to truly make impact, the technologies must make the jump from the benchtop to the marketplace.

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Industry Engagement

INL technology hits the marketplace

The marketplace debut of Idaho National Laboratory’s Colorimetric Detection of Actinides, or CoDeAc, isn’t the finish to the award-winning technology’s story. According to its inventors and now investors, it’s just the beginning of a new chapter.

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Idaho National Laboratory