Author: Donna Kemp-Spangler

Idaho National Laboratory engages with Arctic communities at global assembly

Idaho National Laboratory’s Frontiers Initiative will take center stage when climate scientists and policymakers from around the world convene at the 2023 Arctic Circle Assembly in October in Iceland. University partners and defense experts with INL-led Emerging Energy Markets Analysis (EMA) initiative will participate in panel discussions. They’ll highlight their work on the INL Frontiers Initiative, which is enabling global

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New study examines US markets for microreactors

Developers seeking to deploy advanced nuclear reactors can find high market potential in states with energy-intensive industries, nuclear-friendly laws, and widespread social acceptance – factors outlined in a new report by researchers at Idaho National Laboratory (INL).  The report, “Microreactor Applications in U.S. Markets,” evaluated state-level legal, regulatory, economic and technology implications for microreactor applications in the U.S., with Alaska

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Laboratory experts help states learn more about advanced nuclear deployment

Idaho National Laboratory is poised to lend its deep bench of experts to a new resource for states wanting to learn more about advanced nuclear energy deployment. The Advanced Nuclear State Collaborative, launched in February, has already received interest from 23 states. Now states have a platform for peer-to-peer discussions and one-stop easy access to experts, including those at the

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Study shows advantages of charging electric heavy-duty vehicles with small modular nuclear reactors

Nuclear and hydrogen could be the ideal fuel for recharging electric trucks, opening potential markets for developers of small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs).   That’s according to a University of Michigan study funded by Emerging Energy Markets Analysis, an Idaho National Laboratory (INL) initiative.  This analysis addresses a critical aspect of low-emission energy transitions, said Steve Aumeier, senior advisor of INL’s

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