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Oct. 18, 2018

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INL researchers recognized as finalists at Idaho Innovation Awards

BOISE, Idaho — INL researchers have been recognized for their accomplishments at the 13th Annual Idaho Innovation Awards, presented by Stoel Rives LLPTrailhead and the Idaho Technology Council (ITC), with support from Deloitte. The awards were presented during the ITC’s ninth annual Hall of Fame celebration.

Moradi w
Dr. Hussein Moradi

Dr. Hussein Moradi was recognized in the Innovator of the Year category for his groundbreaking research as chief wireless technical director in National & Homeland Security, including his multipart invention, Wireless Spectrum Communication (WSComm). Moradi was honored as INL’s 2017 Inventor of the Year for this technology, which enables more efficient and secure wireless communication over a wide range of devices and transmission frequencies.

In collaboration with University of Utah mathematician Professor Behrouz Farhang, who is consulting with INL on WSComm, Moradi developed a wireless communication technology that largely solved the most common communication challenges he learned about from discussions with INL’s customers. WSComm addresses limited spectrum resource allocation, creates enhanced mobile broadband waveform and reduces the amount of power needed for wireless communication.

Ding w
Dr. Dong Ding

INL’s LoTempLene technology, a revolutionary electrochemical refining process that converts natural gas fractions into chemical building blocks for plastics and synthetic fuels, was also recognized as a finalist in the Early-Stage Innovation of the Year category. In April, a team of INL researchers, including principal investigator Dr. Dong Ding, reported they hit upon a process for creating synthetic fuels and plastics that uses 65 percent less energy and produces up to 98 percent less carbon dioxide than traditional steam cracking.

Ethane is a major component of natural gas liquids, and once converted to ethylene, it can be used to make polymers for everything from cellphone cases to disposable diapers. LoTempLene could theoretically allow this process to be done with a net gain in process energy, if it were powered by a renewable energy source and captured hydrogen were incorporated into fuel cells.

The Idaho Innovation Awards are Idaho’s first and only innovation awards, and recognize innovations, innovative professionals and companies throughout Idaho. Awards are given in five categories: Innovative Company of the Year, Innovator of the Year, Early-Stage Innovation of the Year, Commercialized Innovation of the Year and Consumer Product of the Year.

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