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Research Library

Delivering information for energy research

INL Research Library

The Research Library has extensive resources in nuclear physics, chemistry, heat transfer and fluid flow, materials science, energy, and computer science. Emphasis is being placed on digital collections and providing electronic access to the INL and to the public, especially to technical reports that have captured the research efforts of the INL since 1952.

The Research Library also provides electronic access to the DOE-ID Public Reading Room , which provides information concerning nuclear energy programs, environmental and waste management, and site-specific concerns.

INL Digital Library & Repository

The Digital Library is the electronic gateway to the Library’s resources that include nuclear documents and technical reports that highlight over 50 years of INL research in the areas of reactor design, development and testing, as well research into energy needs and options for the future.  To date the DOE-ID Public Reading Room, INL Scientific & Technical Information (STI) documents, Three Mile Island 2 Recovery Records, and a Technical Reports collection focusing on older nuclear reactor research documents have been released or are in process.


Explore INL publications from 1998 to present, issued for unlimited distribution through the INL and also the Department of Energy’s Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI).  These documents   include technical reports, conference papers, and bibliographic information about journal articles.  The process for adding accepted manuscripts is being developed.


Documents in this collection focus more on reports from the inception of the laboratory in 1952 and cover all aspects of nuclear reactor research.


Reactor fuel recovered after the TMI-2 accident was recovered and sent to the INL.  The documentation for this project was captured on fiche and film. To date only a small number or documents have been scanned as part of INL efforts to support recovery efforts after the Fukushima accident in Japan.


OSTI.GOV makes available over 70 years of research results from DOE and its national laboratories, including journal articles/accepted manuscripts, technical reports, scientific research datasets, scientific software and other materials.


PAGES (Public Access Gateway for Energy & Science) provides access to at least the accepted manuscript of journal articles resulting from DOE research funding.  The site also provides an article DOI, which enables access either through a journal subscription or by purchase of the publisher’s final version.

Additional Resources

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