b'SOUTHERN EASTERN SOUTHEASTERN$5M SMALL $135.7M SMALL $6M SMALLBUSINESS BUSINESS BUSINESSSPENDING SPENDING SPENDING7 BUSINESS 188 BUSINESS 33 BUSINESSPARTNERS PARTNERS PARTNERS$43K STEM GRANTS 4,574 INL EMPLOYEES 351 INL EMPLOYEES1 COLLEGE $94.9K STEM GRANTS $108.5K STEM GRANTSINTERN AND SCHOLARSHIPS$75.7K ECONOMIC $22.3K COMMUNITYDEVELOPMENT GRANTSGRANTS$127.9K COMMUNITY 66 COLLEGEGRANTS INTERNSFOR MORE INFORMATION: 51 COLLEGEINTERNSTo become a supplier, visit procurement.inl.govCommunity grants, visit inl.gov/community-grantsK-12 STEM grants, visit stem.inl.govEconomic development grants, visit inl.gov/economic-developmentOther inquiries, send an email to info@inl.gov'