HBO’s Chernobyl miniseries

Earlier this year, HBO released a five-part drama on the Chernobyl nuclear accident. HBO states the series, “dramatizes the story of the 1986 nuclear accident,” and the sacrifices that were made to save Europe from “unimaginable disaster.”  The dramatic series has sparked questions by the public about whether such an accident could happen here in the United States, along with intense media coverage about the safety of nuclear energy and radiation. Experts have criticized the series’ portrayal of acute radiation exposure, noting that the series exaggerated numerous aspects such as inferring that radiation is spread like a communicable disease.

As the nation’s lead nuclear energy research laboratory, Idaho National Laboratory has extensive experience developing, demonstrating and evaluating different reactor concepts; handling nuclear fuel and materials; conducting post-accident analyses; and keeping employees and the public safe from radiation exposure. We are compiling resources to help answer the public’s questions about Chernobyl, nuclear safety and radiation. Information will be added here as it becomes available.