Powering Discovery Through Partnership

Idaho National Laboratory (INL) is made up of people who choose to live and work in Idaho. We care for the land, the people and the way of life, which is why we contribute millions of dollars to Idaho’s state, regional and local economies and future workforce through:

  • Programs aimed at purchasing services and supplies from Idaho companies.
  • Collaborating with higher education and industry partners on research projects.
  • Working with startups to test and advance new and exciting technologies.
  • Leading statewide efforts to inspire a passion for science, technology, engineering and math learning (STEM) in Idaho students.
  • Encouraging students to pursue STEM education/training and a STEM career after high school.


Partner With Us

We are always looking for opportunities to partner with innovative Idaho startups and entrepreneurs to turn the best ideas into reality and meet our goals. Our diverse and continually expanding research missions require a wide range of materials and services including:

  • Commodities: office supplies, laboratory supplies, chemicals, industrial supplies, fasteners, tools, clothing, gases, petroleum, etc.
  • Construction: new facilities, system upgrades, etc.
  • Equipment: capital equipment, heavy equipment, instrumentation, engineered hardware, nuclear fuels, reactor spare parts, etc.
  • Information technology: personal computers, workstations, specialty software, servers, telecommunications services and equipment, equipment systems, etc.
  • Technical services: civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering, university research and development, environmental support and sampling, facility support, maintenance and landscaping, etc.

Contact Us

For more information on opportunities and how to work with INL, please contact the following individuals:

Small Business Program:
Stacey Francis | Stacey.Francis@inl.gov | 208-526-8564

Economic Development:
William Jenson | William.Jenson@inl.gov | 208-569-7222

Technical Assistance Program:
Jason Stolworthy | Jason.Stolworthy@inl.gov | 208-526-3437

STEM Development:
Jennifer Jackson | Jennifer.Jackson@inl.gov | 208-526-8027

Workforce Development:
Michelle Thiel Bingham | Michelle.Bingham@inl.gov | 208-526-7830