National and Homeland Security

Idaho National Laboratory employees are talented and driven to achieve success for their customers. It’s their dedication, passion, and patriotism that turns back-of-napkin ideas into applied national security solutions. Everyday our people come to the lab with an unwavering commitment to mission success. Because failure isn’t an option when the world asks you to solve the impossible.

Nuclear Nonproliferation
Critical Infrastructure Protection
Defense Systems


Nuclear Nonproliferation

Nuclear materials have shown endless value in medicine, energy, and agriculture, but in the wrong hands we know can be dangerous. We work around the globe to design cutting-edge nuclear detection technologies, secure research facilities, evaluate security measures for current and future facilities, conduct vulnerability assessments, and train first responders for radiological response.


  • International Safeguards and Security
  • Nuclear Forensics
  • IAEA Inspector Training
  • Radiological Response Training

Critical Infrastructure Protection

The business community is online. So are hackers. In today’s interconnected world, safeguarding citizens means protecting the digital assets that ensure reliable delivery of power, water, and transportation services. We are widely recognized for our efforts to secure industrial control systems, develop protection strategies for the power grid, design new security methodologies, implement machine-learning, lead national resiliency efforts, and conduct detailed hands-on training in Idaho and around the world.

NHShome cyberphys

  • Power and Wireless Systems
  • Infrastructure Resiliency
  • Control System Cybersecurity 

Defense Systems

The dangers of a kinetic attack and evolving defensive measures to counter those attacks has existed for centuries. Whether tasked with protecting people, facilities, or infrastructure, INL engineers take material science to new levels. They design, develop, test, and manufacture armor packages, conducted advanced modeling and simulation, perform data analysis, and detonate and measure the blast effects of shaped charges, rockets, and improvised explosive devices.

NHShome Abrahams tank

  • Armor Design and Development
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Explosives Detonation and Breaching