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The expansion of the internet, digital control systems and wireless device connectivity has dynamically changed our nation’s economy. This transition creates a paradox – more efficient, effective operations, but dramatically increased cyber attack surfaces.

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INL is addressing the challenges associated with the adoption of modern architecture based on digital industrial and embedded control systems and wireless communications systems. INL leads critical infrastructure protection through anticipating national technology trends and research to provide the facts and innovation for the nation to move forward securely.

We assist industry in responding to cyber and threat analysis and defending their systems through advanced security design. This includes mapping infrastructure interdependencies to enhance critical infrastructure protection and resilience as well as developing advanced tools and intelligent controls.


INL Cyber Security

INL security and control systems experts use full-scale testing capabilities, unique facilities, advanced tools and technology to collaborate on real world solutions. Our research mitigates emerging cyber security threats to protect our nation’s economy and the safety of its citizens.