Graduate Fellowship Program​

The INL Graduate Fellowship Program is designed to identify exceptional talent in research areas aligned with INL’s strategic agenda to enable the current and future mission of the Department of Energy (DOE) and INL.

The program, a collaboration between INL and universities, provides mentoring and financial support for outstanding students who plan to enroll in graduate degree programs. This is a triad relationship between the student, the university thesis advisor and the INL technical advisor to provide meaningful research and mentorship throughout the entire graduate program.


INL Graduate Fellows will receive a commitment from both INL and their university with agreements to pay tuition and compensation, and to provide the student the opportunity to conduct research while earning their degree.

First years of Ph.D. program:

Last Years of Ph.D program


At a minimum, candidates will:

— Advanced Computer Science, Visualization and Data
— Biological and Bioprocess Engineering
— Applied Materials Science and Engineering
— Chemical and Molecular Science
— Chemical Engineering
— Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science
— Cyber and Information Sciences
— Decision Science and Analysis
— Environmental Subsurface Science
— Large-Scale User Facilities/Advanced Instrumentation
— Mechanical Design and Engineering
— Nuclear and Radio Chemistry
— Nuclear Engineering
— Power Systems and Electrical Engineering
— Systems Engineering and Electrical Engineering

Preference will be given to candidates who:


Applications are currently open. Interested candidates are invited to apply online through the INL Careers website to job posting numbers 16806 (for applicants in National & Homeland Security) or 16803 (for applicants in the fields of nuclear energy and clean energy development).


*Partners include Center for Advanced Energy Studies and National University Consortium universities.

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