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Instrumentation, Control and Intelligent Systems (ICIS) research is centered on developing components, programs, systems and individuals for any application that requires monitoring, control, and human interaction. External peer review and advisory committees made up of academic, R&D, and customer organizations provide independent and ongoing review of the strategy within the signature and the focus or research funds.

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Research Areas

ICIS hosts a multidisciplinary team of more than 50 scientists and engineers who specialize in five technology areas, including resilient control systems, sensors, intelligent automation, robotics and intelligent systems, and human-system integration.

Facilities and Capabilities

ICIS has a range of research facilities and test beds dedicated to sensors, control and intelligent systems research. The laboratory offers a variety of test beds for control system research, which can be utilized for complex evaluation of control system designs for cyber security, advanced control and operational verification and validation.

Resilience Week 2015

Resilience Week is a symposia dedicated to the resilience of cognitive, cyber-physical systems.

Grand Challenge in Resilient Control Systems

There is a preeminent objective of corporate and government organizations for a comprehensive understanding of the security and safety of critical infrastructure, or state awareness. Enabled by this paradigm shift is the move from reactive to proactive control of plants, and mechanisms by which the evaluation and verification of designs is considered from design through implementation, resilient control systems.