Open-Source Approach to 3-D Communication

Placement: Second Place Winner

Team Name: W-Team

Team Members: Bane Sullivan and Adam Kinard

School/Organization: Colorado School of Mines

The second place team, W-Team, was from the Colorado School of Mines and included team members Bane Sullivan and Adam Kinard.

This team created a suite of open-source Python packages, enabling available datasets to be incrementally integrated into a 3D scene. Tools used included The Open Mining Format, ParaView, SGeMS, and SimPEG, along with additional tools made by the team itself. Figure 6 is a screenshot from the team’s submission. Three-dimensional (3D) visualizations such as this submission could enable researchers and scientists to rapidly explore data, communicate findings, and facilitate the reproducibility of results.

The W-Team submission can be found at the following link:

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