GIS in Geothermal Exploration

Placement: Finalist

Team Name: Americans in Iceland

Team Members: Nicholas Fry, Benjamin Smith

School/Organization: Reykjavik University – Iceland School of Energy

Our method was to proceed with site selection based on a less densely populated area of Colorado. We stuck to target areas visible in some data. After selecting the Glenwood Springs target area for direct use, we added a 10 km buffer to expand our exploration. Glenwood Springs has several adjacent towns within a short distance, which gave the resources more grid offset potential. We looked through magnetic, gravity, gradient, heat-at-depth maps, geologic information, faults, water resources, and surface manifestations. From those we simplified maps of the area for public presentation. Further, we built out a 3D version of the conceptual model with some freeware. Using a collection of Glenwood Springs rock properties, geothermometry reports and feasibility studies from the area, we ran the techno-economic simulation through GEOPHIRES. GEOPHIRES pointed out a potential of approximately 4 times current production in the resource area, using a deviated well doublet into the controlling fault(s).

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