Geothermal Replacing Non-Renewables

Placement: Finalist

Team Name: Team GRIZ

Team Members: Heather Brighton, Jarrett Rettertath, Nathaniel Williams

School/Organization: University of Montana

Our team wanted to look at the potential availability of geothermal sources in the western United States and determine what locations would be best suited for geothermal development. We specifically looked at towns and cities that currently use non-renewable power sources to determine if they could slowly be replaced by geothermal technology. We first mapped geothermal source data and ranked areas of high and low potential. We then analyzed population densities and mapped them in areas within the good to high geothermal range. Next, we categorized and mapped non-renewable power plant technologies in these prioritized areas. We also reviewed and mapped areas of research for potential geothermal use.

The final product was a visually appealing map that showcases geothermal layers overlaid with population densities, cities and towns prioritized for geothermal development potential.

View the project here.

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