Geothermal Potential in Southeast Alaska

Placement: Finalist

Team Name: Geo-Alaska Potential

Team Members: Monika Fleming, Zach Spath

School/Organization: University of Alaska - Anchorage

Geothermal energy in southeast Alaska is a vastly underutilized resource, considering the region’s geology, which features hundreds of volcanos and hot springs. The study site includes Chichagof Island (to the north) and Baranof Island (to the south), chosen because it hosts nine hot spring areas, the Mt. Edgecumbe volcano and hundreds of mapped faults, all relatively close to population centers. The submission is in the form of an arcGIS story map for logic and clarity. The format is a combination of digital and static maps, given that most of the analysis was performed on static maps. Our conclusions were that two regions in the study site area have potential to produce geothermal energy and nine regions have the ability to utilize direct use geothermal.

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