Testing Cyber Resilience of Operational Technology in the Energy Sector

CyTRICS partners across stakeholders to identify high priority operational technology (OT) components, perform expert testing, share information about vulnerabilities in the digital supply chain, and inform improvements in component design and manufacturing.

CyTRICS leverages best-in-class test facilities and analytic capabilities at four DOE National Laboratories and strategic partnerships with key stakeholders including technology developers, manufacturers, asset owners and operators, and interagency partners.


  • Supply Chain Executive Orders
  • National Defense Authorization Act of 2020 (Sec. 5726 Pilot Program)
  • Multiple critical infrastructure sub-sectors, including electricity, oil & natural gas, wind and other renewables, hydroelectrics, and other federal partners
  • Expanding laboratories involved
  • Commercial partners for testing



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Industrial Control System Advisories

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Industrial Control System Advisory (ICSA-21-075-02) – General Electric Universal Relay family

March 16, 2021 – DHS bulletin contains vulnerabilities reported to GE by the CyTRICS program, including one high-impact vulnerability (CVSS 9.8).

cytrics national intelligence guidance on supply chains

National Counterintelligence and Security Fact Sheet

April 2021 – Director of National Intelligence Guidance for Energy Sector Supply Chain Assurance.

Innovative Components

Prioritization Methodology
An approach to prioritizing OT components for testing that incorporates key factors including operational impact, prevalence, and national security interest. This approach provides a strategic, transparent rationale for testing components that optimizes security impact.

Standardized Testing Process
DOE has developed and refined a standardized approach to enumerating and vulnerability testing firmware and software subcomponents. Standardization ensures consistency, repeatability, and comparability of results, to scale up testing and automation across Labs and partners.

Standardized Reporting and Repository
CyTRICS captures testing results in a standard, bill of materials format that captures granular “digital ingredients” to the subcomponent level, to rapidly identify embedded high-risk components and subcomponents. The program features a central repository of testing results for comprehensive, sector-wide analysis of systemic risks and vulnerabilities.

Vendor Agreements
CyTRICS partners with top manufacturers and utilities in the sector to sign participation Agreements to frame mutual cooperation prior to conducting testing. The standard agreement establishes types of software and firmware testing to be performed, timely disclosure of vulnerabilities identified during testing, and coordinated disclosure of vulnerability information with impacted asset owners, federal agencies, and energy sector stakeholder.


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Department of Energy’s Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response (CESER) addresses the emerging threats of tomorrow while protecting the reliable flow of energy to Americans today by improving energy infrastructure security and supporting the Department of Energy’s national security mission. CESER’s focus is preparedness and response activities to natural and man-made threats, while ensuring a stronger, more prosperous, and secure future for the nation. >> Read more on CyTRICS

Participating Laboratories

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INL National and Homeland Security is a world leader in providing industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity research and development. The laboratory’s distinctive history in protecting critical infrastructure systems puts the lab at the forefront of thought leadership and applied innovation in critical infrastructure cybersecurity testing. INL uses a comprehensive approach to developing ICS cybersecurity research to meet the energy sector’s needs identified by the DOE, utilities, and other organizations. >> Read more on INL Control Systems Cybersecurity

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